Monday, March 30, 2015

365 Joys- March 29th 2015


The many faces of Juliana.


This was when she said she was dead.

My little zombie girl.


365 Joys- March 28th 2015


She is getting more confident!  Love this baby girl.


Look at that grin!


Michael and Ginny

I just love this picture.

It perfectly shows the relationship between my oldest and my youngest.

She sees him drawing ALL of the time.

She wants and needs to do what she sees him doing.

In this, he is helping her. 


And yes, she seems to be left handed.

365 Joys- March 27th 2015


Happy 7th birthday to our Christopher!  He almost was born on Nathanael's birthday, but he was born on his cousin Jacob's birthday instead.

This is our never ending energy kid.  He can go from early in the morning to late at night.  Bedtime is still a struggle for him.  He has fun doing anything.  He loves running, jumping, climbing, Superman anything, flying, going fast, and doing things with his family.  As long as they're fun. To him.


You can almost see him growing.  He loves Legos, Superman, reading new things, Superman, Life of Fred math, Superman, superheroes, and meat.

This was the kid that would start running back and forth across the nursery room (it was in the end of the cultural hall at the time) and get everyone else following him.  (sigh).

Can't wait to see where he goes from here!

He looks forward to this coming year when he can be baptized, but we will enjoy every minute until then as well!


365 Joys- March 26th 2015


Today my joy is full.  Nathanael is 12!  He is our 4th child to turn 12.  He will be our third child to receive the Priesthood.  He is a son to be proud of.

We love this kid.  He loves art, scriptures, Legos, reading, Harry Potter, Eragon, other books, Scouts, the outdoors, writing books and stories, and other things.  He is great with his younger brothers and sisters and gets long with the older brothers and sister, some of the time.

He is responsible, yet playful.  He is serious, but can be silly.  He is quiet but can speak up when he needs to.  I look forward to seeing how he grows from this point on!



and just because she is adorable...


365 Joys- March 25th 2015


Nathanael's birthday dinner, a day early because his birthday was on the day of Pack Meeting and his first Young Men's meeting and such... too busy for a nice dinner!  So here we are....


365 Joys- March 24th 2015


This is her favorite place to stand.

So if you can't find her, check here.


365 Joys- March 23rd 2015


This is my new favorite thing.  Seriously.

It's just fun to find a new thing that is just great!  I love the crunchy spiciness.

It may be silly, but YUM.


March 22nd 2015- Benjamin's Piano Recital

Benjamin participated in his first piano recital today.  He did great!


He didn't play perfectly but he did do a great job of recovering and continuing on with his pieces.  Sometimes he gets frustrated and starts over... not this time!

That was what I was most proud of... even though his pieces were almost perfect!

Tom also got a kick out of Benjamin's playing more complicated pieces RIGHT after someone played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

All the participants did great, from the tiniest to the biggest (Benjamin).

The other really awesome part was how many people showed up to support Benjamin.  We had 3 full rows of Benjamin fans, mostly from church.  We called it 4th hour... hahaha.  Thank you friends!


We have two videos, to be posted later with an edit but I wanted to make sure you knew they were coming.

365 Joys- March 22nd 2015


I have two posts for March 22nd, and you'll see why later...

But here are my sweet little girls... ready for church.  New dresses for spring!


And then Juliana and her awesome fashion sense, after church.