Friday, October 17, 2014

October 16th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Bouncing it old school... yes, this is an original Johnny Jump Up.  We don't have any of those baby play centers... but we have used one of these before!  We had a walker, once, too, before they were deemed unsafe... I remember my youngest brother using one of these.

Anyway, after a few minutes of standing there she figured out she could BOUNCE.  Watch out, world.

And yes, fully tested for safety.  Really.  This is a mom, here, folks.  Just because she's my 11th doesn't mean I worry any less LOL.

October 15th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Michael with his barrel at the local Hy-Vee grocery store that agreed to help him with part of his Eagle Project.  The other part is leading Boy Scouts to gather food for the rest of the food drive he's organizing, first in spreading the word, second in gathering the food, and last to sort all the donations for the Harvesters organization here in Kansas City, Missouri.

So exciting!  Two weeks of hard work ahead :)  But very worth it.

October 14th, 2014- A Daily Valencic



Benjamin got another set of birthday cards today, yay!  We love that family loves us from afar and shows it by remembering birthdays so much better than we do theirs!!! yikes!  We are so thankful!  Thank you!

October 13th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Emilie made dinner tonight... homemade pizza... I didn't help at all!

I can't believe how talented all my kids are.

And it's nice to not have to worry about dinner...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Michael drawing the Elders' caricatures before one leaves on Thursday.  Fun stuff!  And this is only about 2/7 of the distractions he had for most of the time... 

October 11th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Liberty's first time to Chuck E. Cheese.  She was there for her friend's birthday party.  Juliana also got to come.  They both had a ton of fun!

October 10th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Meet the Mormons!  Have to use this as today's picture.  We decided we should have stood on the wall and all pointed at the correct poster while covering up the rest.  Anyway, only missing Tom!  And it was really a great movie.

Go see it!

October 9th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Jules playing a hand held video game all by herself... getting zombies with plants.

It's our family's favorite game, after all, and she's loved it since she could crawl towards the computer.

October 8th 2014- A Daily Valencic



My mom sent us extra shirts from my Dad's 50th high school reunion... for some reason, no one wanted size small... hmmm.

Anyway, here are my 10 children, all in the same size shirt, for my mom.  Las Vegas High School 2006 reunion.

Ginny was less than thrilled.  I think it's funny how well some of them fit it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 7th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Christopher injured his ear yesterday... he's fascinated by the new colors his ear is turning today, though!

We can't seem to escape injury this past week!