Monday, January 26, 2015

365 Joys- January 26th 2015


Today is a big milestone!

I've known Tom for exactly half my life.  I think that's amazing.

It just gets better from here on out.

And to celebrate, what better thing is there to do than...

Line up all the Little People animals and smile?


Works for us.

365 Joys- January 25th 2015



I know there's a lot of Juliana this week, but we were all so sick for so long and especially my little girls, that it's so fun to see her playing, active, having fun, and being herself again that I just can't help but find joy.

Here she is being a baby T-rex.

There is absolutely NO resemblance between my sweet little 2 year old and a carnivorous dinosaur from millions of years ago, but she thinks that pulling her arms in tight and making her face like this, she is being a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Her cup is full of meat chocolate milk and the measuring cup is full of meat cereal (for a snack after church).  Because baby T-rex likes meat.

And the look on her face.

I love that she includes me in her pretends.  Because I'm the Mom T-rex.

365 Joys- January 24th 2015



Brotherly togetherness... yes, playing a game and that's their whole focus, but I love seeing them together.   Finding something they both love.  Again.

One of the joys of having a large family is moments like this... moments of connections between siblings that I can't create or force... but happen anyway and make me remember why I'm so happy with my large family.

Friday, January 23, 2015

365 Joys- January 23rd 2015



Ginny playing with spaghetti... love the happy look on her face!

365 Joys- January 22nd 2015



Juliana had her first visit to the dentist today.  While she didn't completely comply cooperatively, she did great and opened her mouth and they were able to look at her teeth and all is well.

What a big girl!

Here she is showing us her teeth.


365 Joys- January 21st 2015



She thinks she's soooo big.

But she's a happy girl.  As of right now, other than a few lingering coughs, we're all healthy.

And that is GOOD news!

365 Joys- January 20th 2015



Samuel turned 10 today!  Happy Birthday to our almost Punxsutawney PA baby boy.  Instead he's our first Texan.

Big 2 digits.  Webelos Scouts.  We love birthdays!  We love our family celebrations.

It's a good day!

365 Joys- January 19th 2015



Virginia with her happy grin.

Big toothy grin!  Amidst all the illness, she's also gotten her 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th tooth.

Joy in the morning when the teething is... improving.

Oh, and Pizza.  Just because.


365 Joys- January 17th 2015



Timothy watching his Pinewood Derby race... he's worked so hard and was so excited to participate!

I love Cub Scouts.

365 Joys- January 18th 2015



Ginny with the fuzzy toy monster Timothy got her for Christmas.

Happy face!