Thursday, November 12, 2015

365 Joys- November 12th 2015


Today I'm thankful for Thanksgiving.  Our ancestors also did much for us, and there is a long history of being grateful which I think is becoming lost in today's world.

I am thankful.

I am thankful for a Thanksgiving toy that prompts my 3 year old to ask about what the people are doing and what it all means.
I am thankful I am getting a lot done on Timothy's Christmas stocking.
I am thankful for a computer that allows me to connect with others and share pictures and thoughts at this time.

I'm never NOT thankful, but I am thankful for a season to remind me to be thankful.

365 joys- November 11th 2015


I'm very thankful for our veterans, without whom we'd never be able to do this.

yes, she's on the back of the couch.

365 Joys- November 10th, 2015

9 years ago today we had a wonderful bouncing baby boy!  He was much bigger than the doctor anticipated but we still got him here safe.  Texas will never be the same.
His name is Timothy David.  He is into everything.  He loves Dragonbreath books and Jurassic Park and Lego building.  He enjoys reading and frantic activity and Cub Scouts.  He never runs out of energy but when he does he's usually sprawled somewhere looking much larger than my 6th baby boy should.  He has curly blonde hair when we let it grow long.  He looks quite handsome with it short or long.  He loves his younger siblings and usually tolerates the older ones.
He is fascinated by Canada and UVU. (used to be UVCC, then UVSC... that other college in Prov, Utah.)  No worries, he still likes BYU.  We have no clue on the Canada thing.
We love him.  We'll keep him around.  He's growing way too fast!
We actually celebrated the day before his birthday due to lots of activities on his birthday.



365 Joys- November 9th 2015


Today I am thankful to live in a place with 4 seasons.  I grew up in Southern California and the closest we got to seasons was rain in the winter.  Rain still makes me think of Christmas.  Really.

So waking up to a slight frost was a good reminder!


Monday, November 9, 2015

365 Joys- November 8th 2015


I am thankful for the scriptures.  I love the word of God.  We have followed a reading program where we are reading the New Testament and following a schedule where we cover most of the New Testament of the course of a year.  We've done this every Sunday night.  Last night was in 1st and 2nd Timothy.  Here is the chart to color as you read each week's chapters.  I can't believe how close we are to the end of the year!

Here's the link to where you can print your own!  Here's the Old Testament scripture challenge that we did last year.

365 Joys- November 7th 2015


Today was a crazy day.  I decided I needed to put away Halloween stuff.  However, my little girls needed a seasonal clothes change first (yes, I did that.  That was just 3 kids' worth...)  and that took all morning.  At the same time, each of the kids had a project to work on.  Michael was helping organize the basement, one boy was cleaning up GeoTrax, one was cleaning up Legos, one was cleaning up books, one was helping with laundry.  Benjamin cleaned out the outside shed and moved our yard equipment that was in the garage to the shed.  All in all, a very successful day.

Tom was at University of Scouting.  But he came home and trimmed the rosebush.

But I didn't get the Halloween stuff put away.  But I am thankful for hard work and working together.

This is Michael's rearranging of the food storage buckets in the basement.  They ended up kind of fun...
I made potato soup (this recipe... FAVORITE!) and Ginny, who has loved it since she was tiny and we couldn't spoon enough of it into her mouth, is now big enough to feed herself.  (But she refused to sit in the high chair, or at least didn't eat until she was in my lap... I am also thankful for good food!


Saturday, November 7, 2015

365 Joys- November 6th 2015


Today I'm thankful for Samuel.  No, it's not his birthday.  Not really anything special about today.  Just wanted to take a day out of a month of thankfulness and focus on my 10, almost 11 year old boy.  He loves his family and especially his baby sisters.  He's helpful.  He's smart.  He is fun loving and adventurous.  He's also shy and quiet.  He is a friend.  He has an amazing sense of humor.  He is well read and loves his scriptures.  He is an artist.  He builds.  He gets into trouble.  He thinks great things.

We'll keep him.
Today he got a BYU sweatshirt and is very happy about it.  He'll get to wear it to the game next weekend here in Missouri!

365 Joys- November 5th 2015


We actually waited to celebrate Liberty's birthday until tonight when Dad could be home, too.

What a great night!

I am thankful for family traditions and silliness.

Birthday dinner, then presents!
Birthday chocolates from Dad, who works for Russell Stover chocolates!

Birthday cake!

And who knows what we're doing here.


365 Joys- November 4th 2015


Six years ago we had our second daughter.  Emilie had waited nearly 9 years.  We'd had 7 sons.

Then came Liberty Rose!

We are so thankful for her spunky attitude, her friendliness, her love of all the world.

We are so glad she's here!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

365 Joys- November 3rd 2015


I am so thankful and proud to be a part of Kansas City right now.  Today the entire city shut down to celebrate the Royals taking the World Series in 5 games.  No riots, just a parade and lots and lots of cheering.  Look up the pictures!

We didn't attend but watched TV and wore Royals shirts.
Even the turkey.

Go Royals!  We love you!