Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby 11 is a....

Here is baby's profile...

GIRL! Yes, that's 3 girls in a row. So, in about 13 years or so we'll have 3 teenage girls at once... ack!

Everything is measuring right on for a due date of February 6th, and baby is a miracle, complete and perfectly formed.  Even if anything was wrong :) that's the case.  Of course.  No, she didn't flip us off like Liberty or give us a thumbs up like Juliana, but she was there, and that's good enough.

Tom got to see her better than I could, because for some reason this ultrasound tech had the screen turned away from me (which has only happened when I was miscarrying, so I was NOT happy.)  However, I did get to see my baby for a little bit, and I get to feel her move all the time. 

20 more weeks til we hold this new little person.  I can wait.  I have way too much to do before she gets here!

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