Monday, November 11, 2013

November 9th Picture-A-Day

IMG_1937 by atvtnv
IMG_1937, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Baby girl home from the hospital and just happy to be home. Friday night to Saturday night was one LONG night day, with a trip to one ER, time there with 2 xrays and an IV, then an ambulance transport to Children's Mercy Hospital and steroids and lots of sensors and watching and waiting... they let us go home Saturday evening. Long story short, first they thought it was bacterial pneumonia and gave her antibiotics and fluid (plus meds to bring a high temp down) and then when that didn't help at all they transferred her and she was confirmed to have a really bad case of croup (viral) and given breathing treatments and steroids and then watched... she was only a few minutes without one of us there (the transport) but that was traumatic. Thank goodness for a stuffed zombie.


  1. Oh! A sick baby is the worst, and a hospitalized sick baby . . . that's just plain hard!! I'm sorry for your long, hard weekend! I'm glad she's okay. Why did she have to be without you in the ambulance? They let me go with Sandy--though they did make me ride in front.

    Julie used to scare the pants off me with croup. You have my every sympathy.

  2. I needed to get the van home and trade cars with Tom, and he brought me back to Children's Mercy so she was only without me for that transport time. They say she slept the whole time. It was in the middle of the night. When we came in she was so happy to see us and wanted to point out everything cool in the room we were in. She still screams at stethoscopes... sigh.