Monday, January 26, 2015

365 Joys- January 25th 2015



I know there's a lot of Juliana this week, but we were all so sick for so long and especially my little girls, that it's so fun to see her playing, active, having fun, and being herself again that I just can't help but find joy.

Here she is being a baby T-rex.

There is absolutely NO resemblance between my sweet little 2 year old and a carnivorous dinosaur from millions of years ago, but she thinks that pulling her arms in tight and making her face like this, she is being a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Her cup is full of meat chocolate milk and the measuring cup is full of meat cereal (for a snack after church).  Because baby T-rex likes meat.

And the look on her face.

I love that she includes me in her pretends.  Because I'm the Mom T-rex.

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