Monday, March 30, 2015

365 Joys- March 4th, 2015


It brings me joy (again) that bodies heal, and especially little bodies.

Ginny is a climber.  Today she was climbing and fell.  She had her tongue sticking out at the time, apparently.

Michael and I could see that she was bleeding from the mouth and thought she'd bit her gums or hit  her cheek or something.

It wasn't until I looked closer that I realized she had a hole in her tongue.  (no tongue piercings, baby girl!)

Tongues heal fast.  But WOW, she bled a lot that first hour.  I researched like only a mother can...

And we realized there was nothing we could do.

But she loves popsicles.


She's healing quite nicely, as this picture two days later shows... 


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