Thursday, August 13, 2015

365 Joys- August 5th, 2015


I picked up Benjamin at Scout Camp.  I had to leave at 4 am to get there by 6 am, as requested by leadership.  Benjamin informed me that some parents had refused.  What?

Anyway, so I was there at 6 am, we loaded up and brought this stranger home.   With the van down and out (it died Tuesday... took several hours to get it under a mile from Target back home, with multiple jump starts and a few breaks... pretty sure it's the alternator... as Bishop came over Weds night and helped Tom replace it and the van has been running great ever since!) I brought the "little" car, our Ford Focus.  We stuffed it full... and it all fit.  But Benjamin sat with his legs on a cooler for the 2 hour drive home.


This is the trunk.

So, the kids were prepared for his return... but very economical.  We already have a "Welcome" on the door, so they just made a "Home" and "Ben" so it says "welcome home Ben."  As you can plainly see.

Juliana was so excited to have her brother home.


Happy girl!


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  1. I'm glad your van is working again! And welcome home to your Benjamin. :)