Monday, October 12, 2015

365 Joys- October 6th 2015


Today we dropped everything and went to the zoo.  I didn't even bring my camera.

I did have my phone and caught a few fun moments.

This was Ginny's first time since becoming "aware" of animals and sounds and such.

As much as we love the zoo, it was even more fun seeing it through her eyes.

The only downside were honeybee swarms, including a bee that went up Juliana's nose.
We shooed it off and no harm done.

Ginny watching penguins swim.

Ginny saying "hi" to the tiger.

Benjamin and Juliana in matching zombie shirts.

The hippos at the hippo chat.  We found out they were named "Liberty" and "Labor Day".
That was quite interesting!  Our Liberty was thrilled.  (the pink stuff is watermelon remains)

All the kids on a new bear sculpture at the front of the zoo.

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  1. A bee up her nose? Yuck!! I'm glad no harm was done. :)