Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christopher is 3!

Happy Birthday to my little/big 3 year old Christopher!  3 years ago he decided he didn't want to be born before Easter or on Nathanael's birthday after all so the doctor chose the day after FOR him.  On his 1st birthday he got a big blizzard with drifts up on the porch of the Amarillo house.  On his 2nd birthday there was still snow from a storm earlier in the month.  On his third birthday?  Yes, it snowed in Kansas City.  Is this a trend, little boy?

We love this little guy.  He is talking up a storm about anything and everything.  He makes jokes.  He reminds me a lot of Benjamin when he was this age, with his OWN style and flair, though.  He fist bumps, high fives, and then decides he wants to head bump, too.  He hates going to bed, being left out of an errand or a game, or being considered too young.  He loves playing outside, getting dirty, and doing things with his hands.  He wants to be big, especially bigger than Liberty who is only 18 months younger than him (hmmm... Benjamin and Emilie age difference too...) 

He is 16 months younger than Timothy and they really are close buddies.  They both started talking about the same time.  Christopher loves cars, trucks, Superman,. Batman, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear (again, sounds just like Benjamin).  He plays well with everyone, even Liberty.  He likes Nursery at church.  He loved having Uncle John (which at first sounded like "Apple Don") here for a visit and loves friends and family coming over.

He is such a friendly little guy (unless he has a grumpy day, or minute...), you have to meet him.  We can't do this family thing without him!  I'm so glad we have Christopher.

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