Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kansas City Missouri temple- March 20th, 2011

Temple and Stake Center from the south

Temple from the south east

Temple from the south

Temple from the south west

Temple from the north west (from the street)

Temple from the north

Front of the temple, from the east

Stake center

So exciting... we weren't able to drive by the temple last week being so sick still, so it was nice to go today.  Even though the youngest 3 and I didn't go to church, we still had to go back (Tom, Nathanael and I) for a baptism interview.  Yes, Nathanael will be 8 on Saturday and will be baptized on his birthday!  Lots of family will be here, and we're all thrilled.  Should be a great day!  (and we'll show them our temple when they're here!)

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