Friday, May 22, 2015

365 Joys- April 28th, or, day 4 of our 2015 Epic Trip of Epicness


Day 4 of our trip to Utah

Today we went to Salt Lake City to see Temple Square as a family.

IMG_5409 We got to see family there (John and Kathy were visiting Utah, too, but we got to see them at Temple Square)

IMG_5370 We went to the Conference center and took the tour and got our picture on the roof again.

In the Conference Center is a beautiful painting called, "She Will Find What is Lost".  You can read the description, that it is mostly about our ancestors helping us find them from beyond the grave, but I think they help us in other aspects of our life as well, and this painting really spoke to me about how I have been uplifted on even my hardest days, finding that hope, or that peace, that I have lost somehow.  Someday I'd like a copy of this painting in my home to remind me of what I cannot see.


IMG_5388 My children by the Salt Lake Temple.  I love my kids, and the temple allows us to be connected for eternity.

My two little daughters looking up at their Savior.  No more words.

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