Saturday, May 30, 2015

365 Joys- May 27th 2015


This evening Samuel and I brought Benjamin down to Scout Camp where he will work as kitchen staff for 10 weeks.  He will come home for the 4th of July holiday weekend as well as our Stake Youth Conference.  Nathanael will attend the same camp and will see Benjamin, at least a few times.

IMG_5868 We'll miss this kid.  He's taking the bearded dragon, too, for the Ecology lab to use as a visual aid.

One of the lakes we drove across.  Beautiful!

Samuel and Benjamin in front of his staff cabin.  (Scouts attending camp sleep in tents)

We found a mini Statue of Liberty!

 I don't want to go anywhere if the lizard is driving. 
Just kidding.  We got there safe, and back again, too.

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