Tuesday, July 28, 2015

365 Joys- July 26th 2015


Some of the awesome missionaries who serve in our ward.

I help with the missionary meal calendar in our ward, and help keep them eating meals with members and investigators.  (no, not a calling, just something I seem to take over when no one is doing it.)

I've done this in many wards... I think when I started, I looked at all my little boys and thought, well, if I feed these boys, somebody will feed mine when they are serving the Lord on their missions.

Now I'm thinking even closer, as Michael gets older and making choices leading to his mission, friends have kids on missions, and my kids have friends on missions, I see how awesome it is to see the people in their missions share pictures and stories of their sons and daughters with the mothers and fathers and hope that will happen with our missionaries, too.

So I'm making more of an effort to take pictures of these great kids, and send those pictures home to families who want to see their missionaries.

Just be patient with me.  It's a long time from now that my youngest child will return from her mission, if she goes.  And NOT so long before my first will leave.  Lots of thoughts.


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