Tuesday, July 28, 2015

365 Joys- July 27th 2015


We love having pets.

Fish, while you can't play with them, at least give an opportunity to help care for an animal and watch them in their home.

Everyone has their own fish in our home, and yes, we've had some die, and we've bought more, but a cool thing is that our fish keep making more baby fish... and even though yes, a lot of the babies are gone before we even can see them, every now and then we find little survivors that just keep on going!  In face, most of our "individual" fish (we also have a school of neon tetras and a few danios, plus a snail and some otocinclus catfish that eat the algae) are starting to be homegrown...

Each of the kids have a fish that is identifiable and different from all the other fish (though all compatible... they are platys and mollies)  Every now and then they die... and we either get a new one or they get the next baby fish we find.  The "homegrown" ones are very hardy as they had to survive being eaten by much bigger fish.  So, by the time we can even see them, they are the strong survivors.

Right now we have two tiny ones.  They don't even have markings yet but Timothy and Liberty have claimed them.

My new camera has a "fish" setting to take pictures behind glass without reflection.  I keep playing with it to try and get a picture of the tiny fish... however, even with a "fish" setting, fish move really fast...

GEDC0183 Anyway.  A picture of Tom's neon tetras and a picture of one of the baby fish... kind of like a Where's Waldo, though, he looks just like the rocks except he has eyes!


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