Wednesday, December 30, 2015

365 Joys- December 16th 2015


So we get free products (and toys) to offer honest reviews about the product.  Liberty received this Monster High (which I can't stand) Mega Bloks set which has lights and music and as it is a building set, I said ok.

A whole bag of pieces was missing.  Liberty was distraught.  This was her first big building experience and it was so frustrating to try and find the pieces only to realize they weren't even there.This never happens with Lego.  I contacted the company and after several emails were exchanged, they replaced the parts.  It was not a big deal and the shipped them super fast, free.  There's even a place on the site to do this.

So here she is, finally building the set.  And she really did build it herself.  With only small amounts of help.  Here's Samuel stepping in to do something she really had given up on.

The boys got involved even though this was clearly a "girl" set.


Kudos to Mega Bloks for a happy (reviewer) customer!


Here's a pose by Emilie.


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