Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st 365 challenge

ok, I love November. I mourn the fact that retailers overlap Halloween and Christmas, sometimes even Valentine's. I did enjoy seeing a small section of Thanksgiving items at Walmart tonight... I choose to take November and be thankful. We take the tiem to enjoy fall.  (and the 3 family birthdays that fall in November... how did that happen?)  Sure, we need to be thankful year round, but I love the tradition of taking each day in November and thinking of something different to be thankful for.

I think I shall combine my November thankful posts with my picture posts.  Thus we see today's picture.  An amazing work of brilliance called a Jello Brain mold plus some raspberry gelatin makes the amazingly life sized brain treat. 

Today I am thankful for food.  Whether it be treats, healthy stuff, or anywhere in between, I am thankful that we have it.  I am thankful for kids that (usually) eat it.  I am thankful to have been taught early in life how to cook and make good things for my family, and I am thankful for a husband who also enjoys cooking.  I am thankful for a pregnant appetite that sometimes allows me to find something to eat before I get sick, again.  I am thankful for a talent for finding good deals on food that allows me to feed my family of 10, soon to be 11, on a budget of a lot less than you'd expect.  And I am very thankful for Thanksgiving, celebrating the harvest, remembering to be grateful, and definitely for turkey and pie.  Who's with me?

(still not sure if a Jello brain is quite the picture this post required... but it's our picture for the day!)

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