Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 29th 365 challenge- It's a GIRL!


Here is our new baby giving us the thumbs up.  (it is better than our 9th child, who flipped us off.)  Baby 10 is a GIRL.  She was very cooperative, other than being modest until the ultrasound was almost over, and everything looks great.  She is measuring right on for dates, still due to arrive in mid April.  This arm was up behind her head, like she was kicking back and enjoying the experience of being smooshed by the ultrasound tech getting pictures of her.   We are very thankful that all is well, that she is telling us "thumbs up" in her own little pre-birth way, and that we got a glimpse of this little person getting ready to join our family in just 4+ months. 

Here are some other pictures of her.
 Baby foot...
 Hello!  Baby's hand.
Profile picture.

Initial reactions?  Shock.  After 7 boys you expect another boy.  I was thinking we'd have 8 boys... instead, we are getting a third daughter.  While exciting, it's a little startling and I'm not sure what to think.  Even though I just had a baby girl 2 years ago, boys are written into our genes and I thought I was preprogrammed for more boys, as 2 had to be the limit (Tom's and my families both have 2 girls, and 2 girls only...)  We'll be the first in this generation or the last to have 3 girls... probably going back a few generations, too!  Plus this involves 2 girls in a row!  Still adjusting my thinking to this idea... and then the fun part... getting ready!  

(plus I get to use all of Liberty's CUTE baby girl clothes over again!!!!  Even though a different season, most of it works!)

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  1. Hooray!!! My girls are all excited for you! We are rather fond of girls, you know. :)