Saturday, November 26, 2011

Timothy is 5! Happy birthday big guy!

Happy 5th birthday to my Timothy!  I know his birthday was actually 2 weeks ago, but I saw it was Michael's birthday tomorrow and I'd better get posting about Timothy's birthday first before I get too behind!

Timothy was our 2nd child born in Amarillo, Texas.  He was the first one born while living at a home we owned.  So, Timothy was the last of our children in a long row to each be born while living at a different house.  (Michael, Provo, Benjamin, Orem, Emilie, Kentucky, Joseph, Cincy, Nathanael, Coolville OH, Samuel, Texas).  Christopher and Liberty of course were born while we still lived in that same house, so that streak was broken.

He was our BIG baby.  Dr. Tucker was worried that he would get TOO big so I was induced, and he was kind of right... but shorted the real weight by a pound... Timothy was 8 lbs 12 oz, our biggest baby so far.  He was born fairly soon after the induction, which just shows I was ready to have him!

Timothy is our little blonde boy, with CURLY hair.  He got his hair cut last right after he got his stitches out this summer.  It's needing cut again... but he tells us he likes it curly!  He is learning how to read and loves to figure out stuff.  He definitely has his own way of looking at things and expressing himself, so we have to be ready for anything for him.  He has been doing great in Primary with new teachers and meeting at the new building next to the Kansas City temple. 

His best friend is Christopher, but they are starting to include Liberty in their antics... so for a week we had a 4 year old, 3 year old, and 2 year old all wreaking havoc on our home... but now Timothy is 5... not that it will change anything that way!  He has a great imagination and has lots of ideas to lead them in different games and activities. 

Timothy is a very picky eater and would be happy eating bread all the time.  However, we are getting him to try new things at least once or twice a week, even though he starts most meals with "I don't like that.  I want some bread."  You just can't cater to everyone when you have 8 children, but we do make sure he's fed something every meal. 

Timothy is a great addition to our family!  We love our 7th child, our 6th son, our #6 when we count off in the car, our curly haired wonder, our bundle of exuberance and excitement about everything except vegetables.  We'd definitely miss him if he weren't around!

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