Friday, November 9, 2012

Liberty is 3 years old now!

Happy Birthday to Liberty!

Liberty joined our family late at night on a Wednesday after making Michael, Benjamin, Emilie and Tom stay home from Scouts, Young Men, and Activity Days.  (sound familiar?  Jules was born on a Wednesday, too... and Michael stayed home from Scouts to watch the younger kids while Em and Ben went to activities...) 

So, that was 3 years ago.  Now we have a bright, happy girl who is a joy to have around.  She loves to be a part of EVERYTHING.  She loves pink, purple, princess, ponies, the letter "L", cake, birthdays, dressing up, singing, dancing, and being a girl.  She loves Emilie and Juliana and sometimes her brothers. 

She loves the Elephants at the zoo but not the tunnels we go through on the train.  She is super brave most of the time, though, but likes being rescued. 

Her newest thing is helping with the dishes and she cries when they are done. 
She loves Nursery and we hope she loves Sunbeams just as much next January.

She has a large vocabulary but we can't always understand what she says as she still kind of mumbles like she has her pacifier in her mouth... which she still takes to bed. 

We love her hugs and snuggles and even her little demands at times.  Thank goodness Emilie prayed for a sister, right?

"Little People" Disney Princesses... two of her favorite things.

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