Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 17th 366 challenge


Today I am thankful for Juliana.  She came right after two difficult miscarriages (is there any other kind?) but also my first two miscarriages, ever.  So many thought we were 'done' having kids and shocked that we'd even get pregnant again.  Some thought we had enough kids and maybe those miscarriages were signs that we should stop.  Some just think we're crazy anyway so whatever we do is fine.  I am so glad we have a Juliana.  Will we have more?  I don't know.  Ask the one in charge and He might answer you :)  probably not, though, because it's between us and Him.  Do I appreciate my kids more after having miscarriages?  No.  I already appreciated each and every one of them, even if we didn't have a hard time getting them here, they were (and are) still hoped for, wanted, loved, appreciated, and cared for.  See here.  This blog post was written right after I found out I was pregnant with my first miscarriage, but before I knew I was miscarrying.  I hadn't told anyone other than a close friend and 2 close family members that I was even expecting. That baby would be a year old by now.  I was so upset by something someone had said about our family and so frustrated that my children didn't have names to some because they were part of a large family that I just had to write something.  So I did.

Isn't she precious?

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