Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th 366 challenge

IMG_8958 by atvtnv
IMG_8958, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Today I'm thankful for Christmas and traditions that makes this a special time of year, at least for us. Here's one tradition to start us off... Kisses and Hugs from Grandma V for every day til Christmas! (for each of her grandkids!) She's been doing this since Nathanael was tiny, I remember hanging these on the fireplace in Coolville, Ohio. It's a great countdown until Christmas, and they know Grandma loves them!

Here is a closeup... each Kiss and Hug is wrapped in plastic wrap and tied together with yarn.  She tried lots of different ideas over the years and this seems to work the best!  We cut off one a day and enjoy, and then put the bows on the tree every year!


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