Thursday, November 12, 2015

365 Joys- November 10th, 2015

9 years ago today we had a wonderful bouncing baby boy!  He was much bigger than the doctor anticipated but we still got him here safe.  Texas will never be the same.
His name is Timothy David.  He is into everything.  He loves Dragonbreath books and Jurassic Park and Lego building.  He enjoys reading and frantic activity and Cub Scouts.  He never runs out of energy but when he does he's usually sprawled somewhere looking much larger than my 6th baby boy should.  He has curly blonde hair when we let it grow long.  He looks quite handsome with it short or long.  He loves his younger siblings and usually tolerates the older ones.
He is fascinated by Canada and UVU. (used to be UVCC, then UVSC... that other college in Prov, Utah.)  No worries, he still likes BYU.  We have no clue on the Canada thing.
We love him.  We'll keep him around.  He's growing way too fast!
We actually celebrated the day before his birthday due to lots of activities on his birthday.



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