Monday, November 9, 2015

365 Joys- November 7th 2015


Today was a crazy day.  I decided I needed to put away Halloween stuff.  However, my little girls needed a seasonal clothes change first (yes, I did that.  That was just 3 kids' worth...)  and that took all morning.  At the same time, each of the kids had a project to work on.  Michael was helping organize the basement, one boy was cleaning up GeoTrax, one was cleaning up Legos, one was cleaning up books, one was helping with laundry.  Benjamin cleaned out the outside shed and moved our yard equipment that was in the garage to the shed.  All in all, a very successful day.

Tom was at University of Scouting.  But he came home and trimmed the rosebush.

But I didn't get the Halloween stuff put away.  But I am thankful for hard work and working together.

This is Michael's rearranging of the food storage buckets in the basement.  They ended up kind of fun...
I made potato soup (this recipe... FAVORITE!) and Ginny, who has loved it since she was tiny and we couldn't spoon enough of it into her mouth, is now big enough to feed herself.  (But she refused to sit in the high chair, or at least didn't eat until she was in my lap... I am also thankful for good food!


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