Sunday, January 17, 2016

366 Laughs- January 17th 2016


Well, the weather peoples told us that we would get a "dusting" of snow last night and we woke up to nearly 3 inches of the stuff which was all over the roads, the cars, etc.  8 am church makes that even more fun!  (we need to be there by 7:30.)  It was absolutely beautiful.  Breathtaking, even, as we turned a bend to look towards the temple and see the sunrise breaking through the clouds behind it and reflecting off the snow.  It was a beautiful morning.

GEDC1792 - Copy
These pictures are after church, so closer to noon.  Some of the snow had melted despite the 3 degree temperatures (feels like negatives, wind chill here in lovely Missouri!) so it's not quite the same effect.

GEDC1794 - Copy
However, you don't stop to take pictures when making sure 12 people are getting up and going to church.

GEDC1795 - Copy
And here's my adorable, almost 2 year old baby girl after church in a cute little dress we got at a Relief Society swap at our activity Thursday night.
GEDC1800 - Copy

GEDC1801 - Copy
Samuel had to hold her still, and no, the hat didn't even make it to Nursery.

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  1. I cannot believe she is your baby! Wasn't she just born??!?!!