Thursday, January 7, 2016

366 Laughs- January 5th 2016


We had a fun surprise from my sister today!
A package!  With really cool CTR necklaces for the little girls.  (Jules is scared to get hers dirty... still can't get her to wear it.  We'll keep trying.)
And a family puzzle!
Emilie was taking pictures of me opening it.  I don't always look that thrilled at my kids holding a camera, but it's the only way anyone ever sees pictures of me.
Christopher wanted a picture, too.

Samuel has out grown his Cub Scout shirt but only has 2 weeks left before he turns 11 and moves on to Boy Scouts.  So... I sewed  his Webelos badge onto a Scout shirt and we can change it very easily in 2 weeks!

Doesn't he look grown up?  This is my first Texas baby, all grown up and ready for Boy Scouts!

Oh, and Liberty wearing her necklace.  :)  Crazy hair in braids but coming out... haha.


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