Thursday, January 7, 2016

366 Laughs- January 6th 2016


I love my family.
Here's Juliana, snuggled up with a crocodile from the zoo she bought with birthday money last spring, and a big crocodile from Amazon she bought this week with Christmas money, reading the Enormous Crocodile (by Roald Dahl) with Benjamin (Tom's favorite book.)

GEDC1726 Love it.  Oh, their names are Chomper and Snappy.


Ginny figured out these little Klip Klop princesses on horses (Liberty has one from last Christmas) just days before Christmas.  They are fun, they ride down little ramps with a little clip clop noise and motion.  Santa found it at a VERY good price and when Ginny got the hang of it, I was thrilled. (Moms have insider info, you know.)  Here she is playing away.  Her big brothers and sisters ALSO have a blast with these.


And then just a lovely photogenic Christopher for you.  As you can see, those front teeth are FINALLY coming in.


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  1. Benjamin is such a good big brother! I love watching siblings read to each other.

    How exciting that you're getting teeth, Christopher!