Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School is under way...

That makes our home sound like a construction zone. Which I guess it is. We're building kids! Or you could take it as there is always something going on. Learning is always happening, even if it is not bookwork. Between the Summer Olympics, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Activity Days, reading, library days, getting ready for a big trip, playing, and regular school work, we're all doing something!

We started school August 4th. Mostly with just the basics, or some of them. We started the daily stuff that everyone is doing. Writing, spelling, scripture study together. Then we started Benjamin on his math. Emilie is starting her math too now. Michael will start Wednesday. We'll add in Language arts/ Literature/ Reading/ English soon. Michael would like to start Spanish as well and we need to add in Cursive for Benjamin. Science is everyday with everyone, as is History/Social Science/Civics. Sometimes it's not even at a set apart time (learning isn't compartmentalized anyway!) but we do a lot of learning everyday in all "subjects" if you just think about it. More about that some other day.

I have learning to clean up, haha.