Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 29th 365 challenge


I can't believe Liberty is going to be 2 in about 2 months.  Crazy how fast time flies!  Here she is with her butterfly blanket... she HAS to sleep with it.

Kansas City Missouri temple- August 28th, 2011


Some new angles of the temple and stake center... almost all the windows are in, and the cement is in there for the fence base... and the sign for the name of our church is on the Stake Center.  Plus, the temple president's house has siding... kind of cool looking.

August 28th 365 challenge


Name of the church on the Stake Center!  How cool is that?  (and the address...)  (the board is there for support til it sets, I'm sure.) 

August 27th 365 challenge


I can't say our snake is the most intelligent animal... here he is with a mouse ON HIS HEAD.  (where did it go?)  Actually, he is not eating because he is getting ready to shed, but this was too funny.  The poor mouse was disposed of humanely.

August 26th 365 challenge


I have silly boys, and this picture is just one example.  I just like the wide range of expressions and activities all going on at once.

August 25th 365 challenge

Oooh... next week is BYU football!  Got to be ready!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th 365 challenge


Someone needs a haircut.  See?  They ALL got my curls.  Some, you just have to wait until the hair gets really long....

August 23rd 365 challenge


Liberty in her fort.

August 22nd 365 challenge


Happy Timothy...

Kansas City Missouri temple- August 21st, 2011

Again, only a few small differences.  Some different angles.

August 21st 365 challenge


It won't look like this for long, all those lots are for sale but the temple will still rise above the roofs!  (rooves?)

Another August, another school year....

And what are we doing?  We didn't finish a lot of things that we said we were going to do this past year, but we're starting fresh and it should be a good year.   I didn't do a post summing up our past year, but a lot of things continued through the summer.  At least for Michael, they did. 

Michael is now starting 10th grade.  He got perfect attendance at his 6 am seminary class (sometimes through extra assignments) for the Doctrine and Covenants and this year they are starting Old Testament.  Hopefully he's not the only one there!  He is working on Life of Fred Geometry for Math.  He is continuing a Literature course he started last year, as well as writing his book.  For art, he is drawing and possibly learning new mediums.  He is continuing piano.  He is completing AP Biology, after a rough beginning last year.  We are working on US history as a family, with age appropriate adaptations for different kids.  He is also busy with Boy Scout advancement and church activities, as well as his movie making and Lego projects.  We are still trying to find a good 2nd year Spanish.

Benjamin is starting 7th grade.  He is working on Boy Scout advancement and merit badges.  He is in Life of Fred Beginning Algebra, working with Winston Grammar, writing practice, Spelling Power, 7th grade Sonlight Science, history with the rest of the family, and any reading he can get away with.  He is also learning piano, music theory, and we've yet to decide on how to do more foreign language for him.  (in the past year he's worked on Italian, German, and more.)  I think we're doing Latin, too, more because we have the book and it's something new to him than any other reason.

Emilie is borderline 5th and 6th grade.  We're just not quite done with some of the stuff she's learning.  She'll be doing science, some math review before she starts Life of Fred Fractions, and lots of writing practice.  We'll add to her curriculum as needed.  She's interested in languages, art, sewing, movie making, piano, violin, and many other things.

Nathanael is starting 3rd grade and is starting some serious stuff like grammar, spelling, typing, and writing.  This will be interesting.  We're going to try a new Life of Fred set of books on him and Samuel.  If we don't like them or if Nathanael is past them we'll find something else.  He'd also like to learn cursive this year.  He is still doing The Head of the Class for basics and other fun stuff.

Samuel is also doing The Head of the Class as well as computer games, writing practice, and he is still requesting a 2nd grad workbook to work through.  Again, we're adding stuff all the time at this level and it's worked out so far.

Timothy has discovered computer games and loves anything Magic School Bus or Blue's Clues.  He's very successful at figuring out the mouse and the different alphabet and number games, as well as science and shapes and patterns.  I'm not worried about him with kindergarten level work at all.  We're going to work on writing with him.

Christopher also knows all his numbers, letters, shapes, colors, as well as science and other things.  So for now we're just having fun and maybe learning to draw letters.

Liberty knows how to put pen and crayon marks on paper.  We'll work on NOT putting them on anything else.  She's also learning new words.

Overall, I feel rather disjointed and disorganized this year but everything is falling into place and I know it will work out in the end.

Don't remind me, but we're also starting Drivers Training come November...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 20th 365 challenge


NO POWER.  We had another big storm Friday night and lost power around 4 am.  It got rather warm... The power came back on at 8 pm, right as we put kids to bed.  I am so thankful for air conditioning!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I love to see the temple!

Yes, even when we're just waiting for the light to turn green to get on the freeway....

What, you can't see it?  How about now?  Look right between the sign posts...

How cool is that?   We can also see it from the bridge near our home... but can't stop there to get a picture.  This is from the North, turning onto the freeway to go south, home from Liberty.

August 19th 365 challenge


Nathanael and Liberty on the way out to the van after going to the Liberty Jail to watch the new (to us) Joseph Smith movie (and enjoy some air conditioning while waiting for our power to come back this evening... it did, after 10 hours of no electricity, since 9:30 this morning.)  It was a nice evening.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liberty playing with my mp3 player... and the Pringles speaker.

Yep, we sent off the receipt and UPCs for the Pringles speaker... fun...

And here is Liberty playing with it.

August 16th 365 challenge


After making a mistake with the pizza dough, I ended up with 5 pizzas this week.  So glad our oven is fixed!

(we like pizza leftovers anyway!)

August 15th 365 challenge


Emilie and Harry the caterpillar.  Look how big he is getting!  You can look back at August 4th and July 29th to see how small he was.  Everything we've researched says that he'll get to be about 3 inches long before making a cocoon.  He's now about 2 1/2.  I am glad we finally found the kind of leaf he likes, PLUS, figured out that he sheds!

Kansas City Missouri temple- August 14th, 2011

The sky was beautiful Sunday.  The house looks like it was painted; the sky looks so pretty with the happy little clouds.  (this is the temple president's house, it is coming along very quickly too!)  With the temple itself, they've put in a few more windows, the fence posts are being put in still, you can see the beginning of lightposts and sidewalks and maybe even a fountain.  (this IS Kansas City, after all.)

August 14th 365 challenge


Emilie's hair for church Sunday.  I took a picture so she could see what the back looked like.

August 13th 365 challenge


For some reason, Benjamin was trying to avoid getting his picture taken.... so I took a picture of his hands while he was raising them to cover his face.  :)

August 12th 365 challenge


Benjamin ready to go fishing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insects and stuff.

A video of "Harry" the Giant Leopard Moth caterpillar eating away at a leaf.

Emilie and Harry.

 Michael and his Ladybug larvae... they're all named Frederick.

 More Harry...
 The Fredericks are ready to be released...

They did great!

More updates on Harry soon...  He has shed once (we were afraid he was dead when we found his shriveled up skin...) but he is doing great, judging from the amount of poop he is creating... 

August 11th 365 challenge


I think there just aren't words to say how great this is.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10th 365 challenge


My, Timothy has grown... or Benjamin has shrunk...

Or Benjamin is just jumping into a picture again.... yeah, that's it.

August 9th 365 challenge


Michael showing Liberty the ladybugs that we grew before he let them loose in our garden.