Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Emilie is 10 now...

not that almost 6 months have passed or anything...

Emilie is our 10 year old daughter. She was the only girl in the family for almost 10 years... so she was REALLY excited to get a sister last November.

We now have a "girls'" room only, after sharing her room with different little brothers over the years. She's also had her own room at times, depending on how well the little boys were getting along at bedtime.

It will probably be pink eventually, and is very nice and frilly now with a pink rug and butterflies on the wall and pink baby blankets everywhere.

Emilie is a great reader. She loves anything and everything ballet, princess, fairies, and put all those together and it's perfect. She reads anything her brothers won't, and usually nothing her brothers says is good UNLESS they tell her she CAN'T read it and then she will do anything in her power to read it.

She loves helping. She loves creating. She loves making art. She loves sewing. She loves Activity Days. She adores having new friends that are her age here in Missouri. She loves planning and doing. She loves setting goals and reaching them, even though her busy mom lets her down a lot. She loves the Gospel and reading the Friend and New Era magazines, and the scriptures. She loves music and singing and wants to learn an instrument.

She is our daughter and we love her very much. She is beautiful inside and out and we are proud of her.

And if I add any more this will never get posted.