Thursday, September 16, 2010

New adventures for our family... this school year

A lot has happened since we last posted. I posted at the end of the last school year. This school year, we're in a new state, Tom has a new job, and we're adjusting to an entire new set of circumstances. However, we're still homeschooling. (we moved to Kansas City, Missouri... Clay County... more about that later!)

We decided to talk to Michael about skipping 8th grade because all his friends were starting high school (and Seminary) and since the seminary class was the only difference between his courses and theirs, we asked him if he'd like to start as he was only a few months younger than the rest. He was interested... then everything changed... but he was still interested in starting high school courses plus early morning seminary. So... Michael is a 9th grader. He is taking Seminary at 6 am at our church building with the other high school students in our ward. He says sometimes there are only 3 kids there but so far he is doing well and has perfect attendance (lol... after 3 weeks... and that's thanks to Tom, not me.) He is also taking Geometry with Life of Fred, AP Biology with UCI's open courseware program and my help, 9th grade Literature and writing, art, typing, Spanish, finishing up Italian, and U.S. history. We're also supplementing with other things as we find them :) He's active in Scouting, almost to Life rank, earned 9 merit badges over the course of the spring and summer including several required for Eagle. He likes messing around on Facebook and is getting interested in new hobbies and ideas.

Benjamin is in 6th grade this year. He was kind of confused why Michael was so many grades ahead of him but if he's in the same position in 2 years we'll do the same thing, as his birthday is a late year birthday too. He is 3 weeks away from turning 12 and being able to go to all the Young Men's activities as well as the Scout activities. He is in Life of Fred's new book, PreAlgebra with Biology. (there's a new one available for the 2nd half of the year once he's done with this one... Pre Algebra with Economics... excited about these :) ) He's doing 6th grade grammar, lit, vocab and writing, need to start his Spelling program still, Sonlight Science and loving that, finishing up his Italian and starting German, typing, cursive, and US history with the rest of the family.

Emilie is in 5th grade. She's definitely turning into a preteen girl... I say boys are easier to deal with. She's working on a program including Spelling, Vocab, Literature, Language arts, Science, and we're including Life of Fred math starting with Fractions. History with the family. She likes some of it but not all of it. She loves Activity Days with church and reading anything. She also loves art and crafts. She's also working on French, still, and will have the option of starting another language if she likes when she finishes the French program we have.

Nathanael is in 2nd grade and just busy as can be. He has a 2nd grade math book we used for Benjamin, a spelling book that seems to be too easy for him, and we're starting to look at a program called along with Samuel and Timothy. So far they are having a blast with it. It includes Math, Spelling, Writing, Reading, a little Spanish and some "Fun" too. Nathanael is also learning Greek with the same program the older kids are using.

Samuel is the age of a normal Kindergartener but he's well past that and we say he's in 1st grade so we have stuff more at his level, however, this computer program is way too easy for him but it's been good for him to practice writing and such. He reminds me so much of Michael. He's also got a spelling book he's working on.

With everyone we read a lot, watch movies, play computer games, play outside, learn about the local flora and fauna (including the Poison Ivy in the backyard...). Later this year we'll be at the zoo, the discovery center, a local farm, art museums, and learning more that way too. This area also has a lot to offer in the way of Church History as well. (Michael will get field trips related to this year in the seminary course of study... Doctrine and Covenants and Church History). Being only 15 minutes from Liberty Jail has been neat... we're in the Liberty Missouri stake.

We're also watching the Kansas City, Missouri temple being built and making sure we go see it at least once a week. This is teaching about construction as well as just the amazing process the church goes through when it builds a temple. The groundbreaking was the week we found out we were moving to Missouri for sure.

Timothy, Christopher, and Liberty are just busy keeping the rest of us busy and smiling... they love the new house, they all learn new stuff every day, and we enjoy teaching them new things. (and new words... sigh!!!)

Well, more later, but this is our update for the beginning of the school year. Though we're a month into it now, it's still 'new'.