Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christopher is 3!

Happy Birthday to my little/big 3 year old Christopher!  3 years ago he decided he didn't want to be born before Easter or on Nathanael's birthday after all so the doctor chose the day after FOR him.  On his 1st birthday he got a big blizzard with drifts up on the porch of the Amarillo house.  On his 2nd birthday there was still snow from a storm earlier in the month.  On his third birthday?  Yes, it snowed in Kansas City.  Is this a trend, little boy?

We love this little guy.  He is talking up a storm about anything and everything.  He makes jokes.  He reminds me a lot of Benjamin when he was this age, with his OWN style and flair, though.  He fist bumps, high fives, and then decides he wants to head bump, too.  He hates going to bed, being left out of an errand or a game, or being considered too young.  He loves playing outside, getting dirty, and doing things with his hands.  He wants to be big, especially bigger than Liberty who is only 18 months younger than him (hmmm... Benjamin and Emilie age difference too...) 

He is 16 months younger than Timothy and they really are close buddies.  They both started talking about the same time.  Christopher loves cars, trucks, Superman,. Batman, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear (again, sounds just like Benjamin).  He plays well with everyone, even Liberty.  He likes Nursery at church.  He loved having Uncle John (which at first sounded like "Apple Don") here for a visit and loves friends and family coming over.

He is such a friendly little guy (unless he has a grumpy day, or minute...), you have to meet him.  We can't do this family thing without him!  I'm so glad we have Christopher.

March 31st 365 challenge


She's a big girl.  She found a seat, threw everything off that was on top of it, and climbed into it.  Yes, it is on the fireplace, but she doesn't care.  Next she'll probably climb to the one behind her.  After she gets bored with putting stuff in the basket, that is.

March 30th 365 challenge


And... we have another Cub Scout!  Michael started Cub Scouts in 2004, Benjamin has been out of Cubs for 1 1/2 years, and we'll have a Cub Scout participating from now until Christopher turns 11 and goes into Boy Scouts... so... 2019?  :)

Nathanael was SO excited.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th 365 challenge


Samuel likes closeups.  He got caught reading the scriptures... back in 1st Nephi again!  When will we finish this time?  :)

Nathanael just turned 8 years old!

8 years ago we had a baby boy 8 minutes after arriving at a tiny little hospital in south east Ohio.  I had prayed that having this baby would be different than having Joseph.  With Joseph we spent hours at different hospitals and offices each and every week to monitor his progress, had to be induced for a safe delivery, held him for all of a minute before he headed off to the NICU, and spent much of his 12 days working with doctors and nurses, even at home before he passed away.
  Well, we got that DIFFERENT experience.  And 8 years later, here is that same boy, strangely grown much taller, a lot more vocal, yet at times serious, silly, but careful, happy, but sensitive to others' feelings, especially baby sister (though not so much older sister...).  Nathanael loves playing outside, Legos, reading, (especially Harry Potter- he got some of his own books from Uncle John!) trains, friends, family, good food, his new to him Gameboy he saved for and bought on ebay, music, being a BIG kid, and lots of other things.
We love that he is a great helper, loves to read, is smart, is loving, can be kind, and loves the scriptures.  In fact, he got scriptures for his birthday and loves reading them with the family.  Today he received scripture marking pencils from Uncle Jeff and is so excited to find his favorite verses and outline them for future reference.

Nathanael is an important and precious part of our family.  He provides a calmness (AT TIMES) that is wonderful.  He provides energy and excitement at other times that only an 8 year old can bring.  We love our Nathanael boy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th 365 challenge- Kansas City Missouri temple again!


Love it.  It was cold!  Kids were still good sports, especially for Uncle John.

March 27th 365 challenge


Happy 3rd Birthday to my Christopher!  The smirk speaks for itself... :)

March 26th 365 challenge


Nathanael turned 8 today, and he was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  This is a very special occasion and he was excited to have this happen on his birthday and have family come to participate.  We are so very thankful for friends and family who came ANY distance to be a part of this important day.  (whether it was a few blocks or across the country!)

March 25th 365 challenge


I have an excuse for not posting anything for a few days.  One of my brothers was here for the weekend, which included 2 birthdays, a baptism, more family visiting, and a little bit of tourist stuff.  He even got snowed on.  Now I'm taking the time to upload all the pictures we took :)

Liberty really liked her Uncle John.  Here she is giving him a hug.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24th 365 challenge- Kansas City Temple!


They added a decoration to the lower spire (higher in this picture but that's just the angle...) and the Angel Moroni to the front spire!  It is looking so beautiful.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23rd 365 challenge


New Toaster!  After 15 years of marriage, our wedding present toaster died.  It more likely was murdered, as it got pushed off a table.  This was the same day the plastic collander was melted as well as several bowls.  Some unnamed person was responsible and I think it was just a bad, no good, day.  Anyway, NEW TOASTER!  It is a 4 slice, but more like two slots for either 2 slices each or one big slice of bread.  This is great because regular toasters don't do homemade bread well.

Plus it's shiny!

March 22nd 365 challenge


He's showing his muscles.  Here's my big Superman who's going to be 3 on Sunday. 

Kansas City Missouri temple- March 22nd, 2011 (3RD DAY in a ROW!)

Isn't it beautiful???  SO excited.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kansas City Missouri temple- March 21st, 2011 (YES, I know we just did one yesterday!)

Taken near the on ramp to I-435 S

Driving up to it on the west

From the west

From the north west

From the south, and you can see the stake center again, too.
You can see it is different than yesterday, though!  Right?  The kids were excited to see the cranes moving and the people working on top with orange hard hats.  We went during Family Home Evening because we heard from a reliable source that they had one of the spires up!  With Daylight savings time, it was still light enough to see.  This will be so amazing when it is all lit up on top of the hill.  You will be able to see it for miles around.

March 21st 365 challenge


Timothy.  Sideways.

He was just kind of looking at me from a different angle and I took a picture... I guess he sometimes looks at things a different way than others :)  Today his big thing was the state of Missouri.  He found it on our map, in books, the USA puzzle, the flexible file thingy... 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kansas City Missouri temple- March 20th, 2011

Temple and Stake Center from the south

Temple from the south east

Temple from the south

Temple from the south west

Temple from the north west (from the street)

Temple from the north

Front of the temple, from the east

Stake center

So exciting... we weren't able to drive by the temple last week being so sick still, so it was nice to go today.  Even though the youngest 3 and I didn't go to church, we still had to go back (Tom, Nathanael and I) for a baptism interview.  Yes, Nathanael will be 8 on Saturday and will be baptized on his birthday!  Lots of family will be here, and we're all thrilled.  Should be a great day!  (and we'll show them our temple when they're here!)