Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 23rd 366 challenge


This is my beautiful daughter Emilie.  She was not feeling beautiful today, but there was something beautiful even about her sunburn from yesterday.  She was helping at a fundraiser.  It was overcast.  I was out of town, but I probably also would have forgotten to make sure she put on sunscreen and she didn't think of it.  She had facepaint on, and those designs are burnt into her poor face... it hurt, plus she was having an allergic reaction to the sunburn treatment we used (we think!).  She has extra sensitive skin.

But the patterns on her face were lovely and I told her she would be glad to remember them with a picture some day.  Just probably not any time soon.  She is feeling much better tonight.

September 22nd 366 challenge


I had the amazing opportunity to go to St. Louis this weekend (September 21st and 22nd) and attend Time Out For Women, which is a weekend of LDS speakers and music and inspiring us to "Seek the GOOD!".  The really wonderful thing is that next Saturday, we have the leaders of the church speaking to just the women at a special conference, and then the next weekend is the General Conference of the church.  I feel so blessed to have 3 weekends in a row of such spiritual enrichment.

Anyway, my friend Breezi and I went up to talk to the LDS singing group Mercy River .  Juliana immediately caught their attention and the person who had my camera got this picture.  I do have a picture of all 6 of us actually looking at the camera but this was the highlight of my day!  I love their music, and have ever since hearing a clip on the Time Out for Women youtube page about one of their children being hurt and how our Heavenly Father loves the prayers where we are pleading with him for our children and pouring out our hearts in need of his comfort, just like her little guy was wanting his mom to comfort him.  The song I first heard was "Better than a Hallelujah."  Since then, I've fallen in love with many of their songs and want to hear more.  Hearing them at TOFW was so wonderful, and everything else was also uplifting and inspiring! 

Time Out for Women is coming to Kansas City next year and I really would like to go again, it was that good!  I just feel refreshed spiritually and ready to take on the world.

September 21st 366 challenge


Emilie saved her Disney gift card to buy these shirts for herself and Liberty...  They have Perry the Platypus on them, from a show called Phineas and Ferb.

More on our family's love of Phineas and Ferb.

September 20th 366 challenge


Samuel peeling potatoes... go Samuel!  Making halupke tonight and it HAS to have mashed potatoes to go with it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 19th 366 challenge


Just to make you smile.

I think she's dancing.  My precious, happy girl. 

And so many people thought we should have been done :)

They don't get a Juliana!

September 18th 366 challenge

I didn't take any pictures today.  HOWEVER.  I received previews of our family pictures we got taken on Saturday!

Here is one of our favorites!  More to come later.

September 17th 366 challenge


Happy Sisters in pink!  (Lib had a pink shirt too... but she was in bed already.)

September 16th 366 challenge


Yes, I'm driving, why do you ask?

(waiting for YM/YW to get out of BYC at church...) (leadership meeting, teens)

September 15th 366 challenge


Just another, wow, it's late and I haven't taken any pictures, but Jules and I are still up... so I will take a picture of her! picture.

Samuel's next experiment... along with Emilie!

White Carnations!  But they won't be white for long... (I have to buy mySELF flowers, haha)

Samuel chose yellow and blue for his flowers.

Emilie was actually the planner for this project, and she chose green and blue.  (We didn't find the red til later!)

After a few days, this was the result (along with a few white ones for comparison...)  The yellow one is by far the most colorful!  The few extra colors were from Nathanael and me.
And finally, today, (the 20th) the flowers are starting to die but we wanted to share how brilliant the blue and yellow ended up.  The red was ok, the greens were in the middle.  The middle 4 tall ones were our control carnations, and stayed white. 

Overall, just a fun experiment that Emilie and Samuel really really wanted to do.

September 14th 366 challenge


Jule's favorite toy lately is... a cup!  She has started reaching for things with both arms, and one time we let her have what she was reaching for... that she couldn't usually have... and she was so surprised!

September 13th 366 challenge


Really getting into a book means... eating it?  I didn't include the one that actually shows Jules looking like she was reading :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 12th 366 challenge


Awww... she can still fall asleep on the floor!

5 months old.

September 11th 366 challenge


Michael's Action Painting (in the style of Jackson Pollock) with an audience... including in the reflection in the door...

September 10th 366 challenge


Michael is fully labelled here... Timothy is learning how to read.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Juliana look-alike?

One is of me with my sister... the other, of Jules playing with her foot.  I am thinking she looks more like me than Liberty or Emilie do... but they definitely share a family resemblance!

September 9th 366 challenge


Juliana thinks she is SO big.  Of course she can stand, sit, crawl, scoot, and anything else she wants to.  ...

Ok, just stand with help.  And sit with help.  But watch out, she is trying to get across the floor already!

September 8th 366 challenge


This is what we received in the mail from "Hope for Trisomy".  It was through a program called "Gemma's Bears" where they donate a bear for children with Trisomy and their families. 

Here is a link: Hope for Trisomy: Gemma's Bears

Liberty already knows it's a hug from Joseph.

September 7th 366 challenge


Liberty, my princess, is wearing her blue jeans on her head.  Why?

Ask her.  Because I really and truly do not know.

But she's cute.

September 6th 366 challenge


Seriously considering her feet...

September 5th 366 challenge


Baby girl sleeping in the high chair... watching everyone from this new height just wore her out!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 4th 366 challenge


Ok, my children make me laugh.

Timothy likes his cereal DRY.  We sometimes have sweet cereals.  This is Lucky Charms, and we actually were having it in the evening as part of a fast snack-type dinner after Dad and Michael left for Venturing activities.  So, instead of putting milk in his bowl, I give him a cup of milk... and sometimes he can have strawberry or chocolate mix in it.  He asked for strawberry.  Next thing I knew, he had milk in his bowl... he had poured strawberry sweetened milk into his Lucky Charms!!!  (yikes!)  I was laughing and knew I'd want to remember this... (for prevention?) for the future.  So here's Timothy :)

September 3rd 366 challenge


I KNOW there's something good in here...
Sodastream bottle half full of root beer. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2nd 366 challenge


Do I, or do I not, have a great looking group of sons?

And so they aren't left out, here are my daughters.

Just not as coordinated... that will come.  Soon.  :)

September 1st 366 challenge


Benjamin has a new suit (coat)!  He grew out of the last one...  my kids are growing too fast.  He'll be 14 next month!