Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28th 366 challenge


My Kindle!  So excited.  I've saved up for a few months... gift cards from different survey companies I'm involved in for Amazon.  We got it yesterday and I already have kids wanting to use it.  It's a Kindle Touch so it's very easy to use, even while feeding a new baby :)

We've wanted one of these since they came out... well, here we are.  Kind of anti-climatic, ain't it.  We have quite the collection of free books that I've been downloading, plus some deals we found, plus the LDS scriptures from  Fun!

April 27th 366 challenge


Liberty and Juliana.  Liberty did not want to stop holding Juliana, so you see my hand here trying to keep baby girl happy while big sister held her so proudly. 

April 26th 366 challenge


Such a proud big brother.  Samuel was so excited to help get her to sleep.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25th 366 challenge


We were doing faces and feelings and this was Liberty's ANGRY face... :)

April 24th 366 challenge


Christopher was rocking Juliana in the car seat while I started dinner...

Baby look alikes...

I know all my kids definitely have similar features, but this one was too good to pass up posting.  The above picture is from February 2005... the lower picture is from April 2012.  I just thought it was great that I figured out whose face I kept remembering when I was looking at little Juliana's awake and calm face.  :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23rd 366 challenge


Emilie and her little birthday present... they are sharing some kind of moment here.  Juliana was relatively happy and Emilie was happy to hold and talk to her.

12 days...

Juliana was 12 days old yesterday.  This may seem like a random age to celebrate, but it isn't.  We had one little one who was only able to stay with us 12 days before moving on to bigger and better things.  When one of my babies turns 12 days old, I remember Joseph.  Usually around midnight, when his little spirit left his body as we held him in our arms.  So I held my baby girl close, late at night, and watched her sleep.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 22nd 366 challenge


Cousin buddies!  Gregory (almost 4) and Christopher (4)  LOVE spending time together.  Good thing both of our families are in Missouri!  (just opposite sides of the state.) 

And we need some blackmail pictures for when they are teenagers...

April 21st 366 challenge


Ilyena wasn't sure what to think of the baby cousin.  (or maybe it was just that her mom Meredith was holding her...)  She sure was fascinated, though!

(and loved playing with Liberty!)

April 20th 366 challenge


Tom and his brother Adam... they share a birthday, like two of our daughters, now.  Adam and his family came to visit this weekend and to attend the temple Open House for the Kansas City Missouri temple.  It was a good weekend!

They each got ONE candle, because their combined ages would have needed 70 candles... 

April 19th 366 challenge


Another sleeping picture.  Just love her chubby little cheeks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17th 366 challenge


She does have cute cheeks.  I think it's safe to say she's gaining back her weight.

April 16th 366 challenge


Juliana has red, curly hair.  It was just washed here (spit up incident... not sure how she got it there, but she did...) and with the sunlight (good for her slight jaundice...) it looked REALLY red... it was also a grumpy morning.

April 15th 366 challenge


Baby feet!  Little feet!  Big feet!  baby Nana!

April 14th 366 challenge


So glad to be home with our new baby.  What an adventure!

April 13th 366 challenge


Going home!  For the first time!

April 12th 366 challenge


Everyone at the hospital!  Yep, 9 kids fit in one of those little recovery rooms...  they are so excited to have a new baby sister.

April 11th 366 challenge


She's here!  Juliana Faith is here, born at 6:51 pm (we left for the hospital at 6...) and Happy Birthday to Emilie.  More info to come later.

April 10th 366 challenge


Ice cream!

April 9th 366 challenge


Some late birthday present fun with Nathanael and Christopher... two close birthday boys.  Little did we know we'd have even closer birthdays...

April 8th 366 challenge


Of course Liberty found her Easter basket first... yay for Russell Stover bunnies!

April 7th 366 challenge


Liberty was so amazed that we could make white eggs into PINK eggs!

April 6th 366 challenge


Watching a movie as a family... had not one but TWO kids completely fall asleep on Dad.

April 5th 366 challenge


Christopher with some cool stickers in his birthday card... :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4th 366 challenge


Liberty and her new outfit from Aunt Sherri!  Flowers and a skirt... she's so happy.  And she thinks this is the only place for her to take pictures... she insisted!

April 3rd 366 challenge


Liberty comfy on the arm of the couch... with Dad.

April 2nd 366 challenge


One of Emilie's cocoons hatched!  This is a Tiger moth, I think... ask Emilie!  Remember all the caterpillars she collected last fall?  This has been sitting in our dining room all winter... 

April 1st 366 challenge


As we watched General Conference, we moved pictures of the 12 Apostles and First Presidency into the family room after they spoke to the general congregation.  (other than the one who just spoke to the Priesthood... he got moved then.)

March 31st 366 challenge


General Conference!  Come listen to a prophet's voice.  So excited to have everything on the TV instead of our desktop screen.  

March 30th 366 challenge


Some of our contributions to our Youth Fundraiser... there was a spaghetti dinner, a service auction, and a silent auction.  Emilie also made a cake but these are the boys' cakes.  Proceeds were for Young Women's camp and Scout Camp plus.

March 29th 366 challenge


This is it.  We only take one of these each pregnancy... here's baby 10 making herself known to the world before she's born.  38 weeks.

March 28th 366 challenge


Baby girl presents~  I love the reminders that she will be here soon.

March 27th 366 challenge


Christopher... yay for Superhero underwear!  It's not every day you turn 4.  At least he didn't get a concussion.  (and thanks to Aunt Sherri for the cool undies!)