Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26th 366 challenge

IMG_9222 by atvtnv
IMG_9222, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Could I be any cuter?

says her shirt.

December 25th 366 challenge

IMG_9208 by atvtnv
IMG_9208, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

One of my favorites from Christmas. This is the gift Michael gave to Benjamin (family gift exchange)... a poster sized map of Middle Earth. In color. Complete with labels, the poem, and many other really cool details. I need to take a closeup sometime. I love my kids.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

IMG_9150 by atvtnv
IMG_9150, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.
Merry Christmas!

December 24th 366 challenge

IMG_9146 by atvtnv
IMG_9146, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

One of these things is not like the others...

My mother in law gives us a bear every year!  Yes, starting with the first year we were married (which also was Michael's first Christmas... )  So we have 17 bears, plus an extra for one of the years Tom worked for Walmart and we got one from there.  Jules just fit in perfectly... 

December 23rd 366 challenge

IMG_9142 by atvtnv
IMG_9142, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Mom's birthday cake! CAKE!!!! Don't know what it is but I WANT SOME! :)

(we celebrated a little late, due to other things we were doing like going to the temple and shopping...)

December 22nd 366 challenge

IMG_9133 by atvtnv
IMG_9133, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Samuel and Juliana playing. She has so much fun with everyone!

December 21st 366 challenge

IMG_9127 by atvtnv
IMG_9127, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Benjamin's Hobbit Hole... plus the gate at the top of our hill in the backyard, which leads to a VERY large park... that we get extra snow from for our forts, snowmen, and Hobbit-Holes.

December 20th 366 challenge

IMG_9124 by atvtnv
IMG_9124, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Liberty, upon wanting to come inside, was SO upset that she couldn't bring her NO-man in with her.

December 19th 366 challenge

IMG_9104 by atvtnv
IMG_9104, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Made lots of cookies with the kids today. Good times! Gingerbread men (and bears, wreathes, stockings, etc...)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18th 366 challenge

IMG_9084 by atvtnv
IMG_9084, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

This keeps the baby out of the tree... but she DOES knock over the castle...

December 17th 366 challenge

IMG_9077 by atvtnv
IMG_9077, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Sisters! Liberty came up to me and said MOM! Me and Julie-nana is MATCHING! So we took a picture.

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 16th 366 challenge

IMG_9073 by atvtnv
IMG_9073, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Our three year old Liberty! I can't believe she will be leaving Nursery (18 mos to 3 year old class) and moving on to Sunbeams in Primary in just 3 weeks! (Sunbeams are the 3 year old class in our children's classes at church). She is growing so fast!

December 15th 366 challenge

IMG_9062 by atvtnv
IMG_9062, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Liberty got to meet Santa at the Ward Christmas party (after the Primary Nativity where Christopher was a cow... and I had three rowdy shepherds, too...) She liked being able to meet him, but wasn't all about presents... she just wanted to give him a hug.

December 14th 366 challenge

IMG_9060 by atvtnv
IMG_9060, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

This is the Nativity by the Kansas City Missouri temple. I love it. I love the simplicity, that Mary is holding baby Jesus, and that Joseph has his arm around Mary.

December 13th 366 challenge

IMG_9055 by atvtnv
IMG_9055, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana made it to the stairs crawling, so Samuel climbed over the baby gate so he could talk to her through the gate...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12th 366 challenge

IMG_9049 by atvtnv
IMG_9049, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

And, today we sold our car. Our little miracle car that made it from Texas to Missouri, to Illinois and back a few times as well, when all we bought it for was for the 2 mile commute (on flat terrain) to work and back in Amarillo, TX...

Well, it pays for some of the plumbing fun we've had this month!

December 11th 366 challenge

IMG_9035 by atvtnv
IMG_9035, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

This is my favorite Nativity. I love my Nativity sets.

So, the Lord of the Rings doesn't fit but it's still pretty... ?

December 10th 366 challenge

IMG_9019 by atvtnv
IMG_9019, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Liberty was telling her babies to be nice to each other. She loves these two babies right now...

December 9th 366 challenge

IMG_9018 by atvtnv
IMG_9018, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

What on EARTH did you DO to my Cheerios?

December 8th 366 challenge

IMG_9014 by atvtnv
IMG_9014, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Samuel with some fun gifts... he got a big one and a little one to give away. (the big one is ONE POUND of Reese's... two BIG cups!)

December 7th 366 challenge

IMG_9013 by atvtnv
IMG_9013, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Nathanael's creation with Magnetix... I think it's supposed to look like that :)

December 6th 366 challenge

IMG_9008 by atvtnv
IMG_9008, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

My eldest with my youngest... Love this picture.

December 3rd 366 challenge

IMG_8994 by atvtnv
IMG_8994, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Baby girl with her first Christmas tree!

December 2nd 366 challenge

IMG_8976 by atvtnv
IMG_8976, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.
Kids in the back of a van... being silly after church!

December 1st 366 challenge

IMG_8975 by atvtnv
IMG_8975, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.
We have a Christmas tree up!

December 5th 366 challenge

IMG_9004 by atvtnv
IMG_9004, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.
Samuel made a tie out of Magnetix...

December 4th 366 challenge

IMG_8998 by atvtnv
IMG_8998, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana crawled over to her high chair tray (that hadn't been placed back on her high chair) and proceeded to finish her Cheerios (or generic oat circle cereal, lol) Genius baby.