Saturday, May 30, 2015

365 Joys- May 30th 2015


Samuel, just because.


365 Joys- May 29th 2015


She's even gorgeous with googly eyes.

Emilie, just after coming home from a friend's birthday party.


365 Joys- May 28th 2015


Our roses are going crazy!  I know we need to trim this bush down, but isn't the color beautiful?


365 Joys- May 27th 2015


This evening Samuel and I brought Benjamin down to Scout Camp where he will work as kitchen staff for 10 weeks.  He will come home for the 4th of July holiday weekend as well as our Stake Youth Conference.  Nathanael will attend the same camp and will see Benjamin, at least a few times.

IMG_5868 We'll miss this kid.  He's taking the bearded dragon, too, for the Ecology lab to use as a visual aid.

One of the lakes we drove across.  Beautiful!

Samuel and Benjamin in front of his staff cabin.  (Scouts attending camp sleep in tents)

We found a mini Statue of Liberty!

 I don't want to go anywhere if the lizard is driving. 
Just kidding.  We got there safe, and back again, too.

365 Joys- May 26th 2015


Benjamin is all ready for 10 weeks (as staff) at H. Roe Bartle Boy Scout Reservation, home to the tribe of Mic-o-say.  He's a Brave right now but working towards Warrior and Firestarter.

Here he is in full attire.

(he did the bearded dragon and flame decoration himself!)


Monday, May 25, 2015

365 Joys- May 25th 2015


I love this goofy girl of mine.


365 Joys- May 24th 2015


My little girls all ready for church on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day.


365 Joys- May 23rd 2015


We had a talent show with the Young Men/Young Women of our ward and our family was well represented...

Michael showed some of his AP artwork.  (this is a partial showing, he doesn't want to post any until he gets his scores back.)

Benjamin played piano.

Emilie shared her knitting.

Nathanael shared some artwork as well.


365 Joys- May 22nd 2015


We went to the zoo when they opened the new Orangutan Canopy.  It was really cool!

And Juliana got a new hat!  (temporarily...)


365 Joys- May 21st 2015


Emilie went to World's of Fun for a friend's birthday and got free face paint as an employee... isn't she gorgeous?


365 Joys- May 20th 2015


I was writing about books and kids' favorites, and this is what Benjamin brought to show me...


365 Joys- May 19th 2015


I love to see the temple!  It is such a blessing to have this so close.


365 Joys- May 18th 2015


Juliana on her scooter.

And Emilie made pizza... and it's cute!


365 Joys- May 17th 2015


This little cutie decided that since Jules was getting so much attention for sitting on this thing, she wanted to try it too.

No, I will not potty train her for at least a year.


365 Joys- May 16th 2015


Our zombies are done... they lasted 2 1/2 years but the arms were peeling off, limbs were cracking... wait, that sounds just like zombies.  Hmm.

Anyway, we decided to get new family stickers as Ginny hasn't been represented yet and the creator of the zombie stickers was no longer making them, so we saw these at the BYU bookstore and I just put them on the car.

Oh- the fishbowl is gone.  We decided it didn't fit.  It needs BYU attire and lizard and snake buddies.

365 Joys- May 15th, 2015


Benjamin is supposed to wear face paint while working, because that's what he does at work... paint faces and do henna tattoos.  And other stuff, but those are the main things.

Here's one of his latest...
If you can't tell, it's the TARDIS, from Doctor Who.


365 Joys- May 14th 2015


Emilie came with me to our Relief Society activity where we made cards... didn't she do great?


365 Joys- May 13th 2015


We have our 3rd employee of Kaman's Art Shoppes, at the Worlds of Fun location here in Kansas City, Missouri.

Michael works as a Caricature artist, Benjamin as a body artist, and Emilie as a Front Gate Photo photographer.

Crazy schedules, but so proud of these kids!


365 Joys- May 12th 2015


Big changes in the house this week.

IMG_5710 This is the 9th time I've done THIS.

IMG_5728 And Ginny moved into the big crib (from the pack n play in the closet haha), and Jules moved into the bottom bunk, and Liberty onto the top bunk.  BIG changes for all my my big little girls.

Ginny is getting good at going to sleep on her own for naptime.  Bedtime is still troublesome but it always was, with 9 other people needing to sleep too we can't really try a lot of things to help her get to sleep on her own.  So we'll hold her.  It works.

365 Joys- May 11th 2015


Ginny will find a pen ANYWHERE and find something to write on ANYWHERE... it's crazy.


365 Joys- May 10th 2015


Happy Mother's day!


My family got me another wind chimes... the old one died in windy storms.


365 Joys- May 9th 2015


Our first rose!


365 Joys- May 8th 2015


More Batman!



365 Joys- May 7th 2015


We had a few days of Batgirlman furor around here, with Ginny and Jules wearing their fun outfits and borrowing Timothy's mask.

Oh, and this is Bat-Zombie, he has a black washcloth as his cape.


Plus a fun matching brothers picture.

365 Joys- May 6th 2015


Ginny has an ear infection and is still teething 4 molars... this is what we do most nights.


365 Joys- May 5th 2015


Liberty wasn't feeling well but still wanted a picture with her pony.


365 Joys- May 4th 2015


Juliana being silly.


Friday, May 22, 2015

365 Joys- May 3rd, 2015


Home again, home again, etc.

We got home, unpacked the van, slept a bit, haha, and went to church.  Our ward (congregation) meets at noon, so that wasn't as hard as it could have been!

After church the older kids had Seminary graduation/awards.  Michael completed his 5th year of 6 am seminary with perfect attendance.

Benjamin completed the Stake President's award for the second year in a row.

Emilie completed her freshman year with the Stake President's award.

This award requires perfect attendance (can include make up work), memorizing 25 scriptures and passing them off twice, completing the reading, reading every day, and passing the tests.  I'm pretty proud of my kids. 

They can also be pretty goofy. 

365 Joys- May 2nd, or, day 8 of our 2015 Epic Trip of Epicness


Day 8 of our trip to Utah

IMG_5550 Goodbye, Payson temple, that greeted us every day of our trip!  We always knew when we were back in my brothers and parents' neighborhood after a day of exploring or seeing family and friends...

IMG_5554 Colorado!

IMG_5562 Beautiful sights.

We got home realllly late (or really early Sunday, depending on how you look at it...), but we are so glad for this trip and thankful for all that we were able to do as a family.

365 Joys- May 1st, or, day 7 of our 2015 Epic Trip of Epicness


Our last day in Utah (day 7 of our trip to Utah)

It was bittersweet.  We made the most of it!

IMG_5528 Here's Juliana with her "new" Grandma.  (as opposed to the old grandma, who is younger, but who she knows better because she lives closer.)  My mom got a kick out of this and called herself the old new Grandma.

IMG_5506 More cousins!  My sister Sherri's family was represented by her children, Savanna and Patrick.  So glad to see them!  We did get to see nearly every member of my family (or representation!) though one brother is in Korea and his kids are out of state, and another is in Texas.

IMG_5548 One last picture with my brother Tim's kids (and his wife!).  It was so wonderful being able to spend so much time with them.  Best thing about our trip was family.  I love that my kids know most of their cousins at least by sight.

365 Joys- April 30th, or, day 6 of our 2015 Epic Trip of Epicness


Day 6 of our trip to Utah

As we were nearing the end of our stay in Utah, I made sure we didn't do our "touristy" or "drive a lot" things on the last two days so we could spend more time with local family and just NOT be in the car... to prep for the 19 hour stretch ahead of us.

IMG_5478 So here we are, hanging out at Tim and Misty's house for the most part.  (who were awesome hosts and let us completely take over their basement for a week!)

This is the view from their upstairs reading nook.  We didn't covet... much.  At night it's even better.

Ginny finally let Aunt Misty hold her. I guess it took electronics, haha.

IMG_5485 We did go to American Fork to see other cousins.

And one more temple.  Mount Timpanogos, to be exact.