Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29th 2014- A Daily Valencic



It was a beautiful day today so we went to the zoo as a family.  As part of our trip to the zoo, we decided to wear our matching shirts from Halloween.  We had the missionaries over for dinner and we finally got a picture of all of us wearing them, at the same time.  Yay for Minions!

November 28th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Happy Birthday plus one day to our Michael.  He is now an A Dult.  We are so proud of him.  He has completed his Eagle requirements and is just waiting on his Board of Review.  He has grown into a young man we are happy to claim as our son.  We love him.

November 27th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Poor Michael doesn't get a birthday today.  Or does he?  He gets a lot of favorite foods and the whole country is taking a day off for him.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

November 26th 2014- A Daily Valencic


I could post about making 12 pies today but I won't.  I could post about the many phone calls I fielded today but I won't.  I could post about 10 kids needing my help today but I won't.

Instead I leave you with this...


This is Juliana with her favorite doll.  Both grandmas says she needs a BABY.  She loves her zombie.

(Zombie, from video game cartoonish Plants Vs. Zombies... not anything gross.)

November 25th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Three of my monkeys.

That about covers it.

She's being trained well.

November 24th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Ginny thinks a winning smile will get her whatever Dad is eating.  It sometimes works.

This time it was a tiny taste of ice cream.

November 23rd 2014- A Daily Valencic



A puzzle we're working on... Samuel kept trying to get this done and we finally did it, with Nathanael and me helping him.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 22nd 2014- A Daily Valencic



Juliana playing with our family picture magnets on the fridge.

She liked pointing out family members and then rearranging the magnets.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 21st 2014- A Daily Valencic



Benjamin with his new hat and sunglasses.


November 20th 2014- A Daily Valencic



She is so not sure what Benjamin just did to her... she can't see anymore!

November 19th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Ginny is right on top of the music...

She's just climbing over the viola to get to the trumpet?

Or just using both for her support.


November 18th 2014- A Daily Valencic



National Geography Bee!  (Local level...)  14 kids participated at our local level of the Geography Bee.  Nathanael and Samuel both were in the top ten, and then Nathanael was one of the last two and got 2nd place.

I am so proud of them!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 16th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Today Grandma Valencic got an armful of Valencics.  These are my 3 kids in 3 years... Timothy just turned 8, Liberty just turned 5, and Christopher is 6 1/2.  The kids loved  having time to play and talk with Grandma.  She came for Timothy's baptism and went home today.  It was great having her here to visit.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 15th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Today Timothy was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  He was baptized by Benjamin and confirmed by Tom.

November 14th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Liberty with a Laura Carrot Mask.  We had a Veggie Tales kickoff party... they are starting a new series only on Netflix called Veggie Tales in the House... it was so much fun!

November 13th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Apparently it was a slow day in the Valencic household... either that or we were too busy to take pictures, other than of "Super Sucker"... here he comes to save the day.  In lots of flavors.

November 12th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Benjamin reading while holding a sleeping Ginny.

I love my kids.

November 11th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Emilie is writing her novel for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writers Month) where you have a goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.  She's doing great so far... and here she is typing away.  Or at least updating her Nanowrimo site.

Good luck Emilie!  We love this girl.

November 10th 2014- A Daily Valencic



My not so little Timothy is 8 years old!  He is an awesome son to have around here.  He is so excited to be baptized and become a Cub Scout!  We love this boy so much.  He is our 6th son, our 7th child.  First of our 3 kids in 3 years, our second Texas baby, and our largest baby by a few ounces!  We are so excited to see him grow. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 9th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Two of my handsome young men, ready for church.

Timothy, 1 day from turning 8, and Christopher, 6 1/2.

I love my boys and I love watching them grow in their testimonies and faith.

They are also very handsome.

November 8th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Juliana is conducting an imaginary orchestra/chorus.  Or her brothers and sisters.

No difference.

I love her enthusiasm for EVERYTHING.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 5th 2014- A Daily Valencic



I still love to see the temple.  Tonight we were admiring the almost full moon as well as the temple, while we were waiting for Cub Scouts, 11 year old Scouts, Young Women, and Boy Scouts.

November 4th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Happy Birthday to our Liberty!  We went to the zoo for her special day.  It was a blast!  The zoo is usually very quiet on colder days in the fall and winter.  Especially weekdays... so we got to be up close to most of the exhibits.

This little guy decided to come and get a closer look at the birthday girl during a keeper chat.  He kept coming back, looking at Liberty, and then waddling off.

I can't believe Liberty is 5 years old!  She was born in Amarillo, Texas, on a Wednesday night.  She came very quickly into our lives and has been sassing us every since.  Really, she is a sweetheart.  She learned to read within days of turning 4 years old, and her brothers are racing to keep ahead of her academically.  She loves princesses and Superman, hearts and flowers and butterflies and climbing and dirt.

Emilie loves having a sister, and still does even though now she has 3!

We are thankful for all our princesses.

November 3rd 2014- A Daily Valencic



This is our 3rd daughter.  Yes, this is pretty typical of her attitude.  We love our Jules.

She's 2 1/2.  She loves running, jumping, singing, climbing, Benjamin, suckers, zombies, and jumping.  And Benjamin.  And her family.  And the temple.  And "I am a Child of God."  Sing it again!!!

November 2nd 2014- A Daily Valencic



Yes, that's a big bucket.  That's 7 kids' worth of trick or treating and trunk or treating over two nights... they had a blast.  It will be gone soon with the 3 oldest kids sharing it too... (and Mom and Dad...)

November 1st 2014- A Daily Valencic



This is a small sample of the costumes we wore to our Trunk or Treat.  (Benjamin was working.)   Everyone has a Minion shirt from Despicable Me.

October 31st 2014- A Daily Valencic



Happy Halloween!

Our pumpkins, plus some other fun stuff for the day!

October 30th- A Daily Valencic



Last day of the Eagle Project!  Here is the van, full to the brim, ready to bring the food to Harvester's for the final part of Michael's project.  That is, spending some volunteer hours in addition to the donation of the food he collected both in neighborhoods as well as at a local Hy-Vee store.

October 29th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Timothy got dressed up as a mummy at the pack meeting (the last one before he is a Cub Scout himself!)

October 28th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Most of us were able to go to a local Pumpkin Patch on their last year of "Family Free" times.  (they aren't doing it next year!)  Benjamin had some stuff to do at home and Tom was at work.  We had a lot of fun but wished they were with us.  Friends from church ran up to take this picture (I wasn't planning on being in it!!!)

And yes, Nathanael will soon be taller than me.

October 27th 2014- A Daily Valencic



She was trying soooo hard to grab the camera.

October 26th 2014- A Daily Valencic



If you turn this picture upside down he looks just like Nathanael.  Wearing the same glasses.

October 25th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Tired Jules.  She's kind of like Timothy in that she drops off to sleep in the funniest places... so I can't help but take a picture.

October 24th 2014- A Daily Valencic



Benjamin and I in our Doctor Who Halloween shirts.  I love that we share this show as a family and everyone enjoys it.

The shirts are just FUN.

October 23rd 2014- A Daily Valencic



My two baby girls... Jules in a very large pumpkin bucket and Ginny playing with her... they love each other and I hope this lasts!