Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 22nd Picture-A-Day

IMG_0600 by atvtnv
IMG_0600, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Finally celebrating Tom's birthday... we had relighting candles on his Black Forest cake. (that's why there is extra smoke...)

For his thirty-tenth birthday, we had to make it special.

April 21st Picture-A-Day

IMG_0587 by atvtnv
IMG_0587, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana is reading to Michael. She won't even let him turn the pages.

April 20th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0574 by atvtnv
IMG_0574, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Yes, it is my brother Jeremy's, my husband's, and my brother in law Adam's birthday... but I was at Time Out For Women. Here I am with Hilary Weeks. I love her music. Visit for more info!

After Time Out For Women, Tom and the boys left for a Stake Dance (literally before I walked in the door...) So it was NOT the day we celebrated Tom's birthday.

April 19th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0564 by atvtnv
IMG_0564, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Getting ready for Time Out For Women in Kansas City, KS. It was a wonderfully uplifting evening! (plus I went the next day, too!)

April 18th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0563 by atvtnv
IMG_0563, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

At the temple, for the first time in a small car, rather than in our behemoth, so we parked closer... anyway, we are at the temple again :) Happy to be here!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0550 by atvtnv
IMG_0550, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

New-to-us car. It's an '07 Ford Focus, which makes our 5th Ford... (our first Escort, our Windstar, our Econoline, our second Escort, and now the Focus...) We've needed a second car for a while now... ever since the second Escort (our $900 wonder...) died.

April 16th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0542 by atvtnv
IMG_0542, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Today we were going for the tallest track, apparently. It was as tall as Christopher where I was standing.

April 15th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0540 by atvtnv
IMG_0540, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Tom telling the kids the story of "The Ransom of Little Red Chief" by O'Henry. This was before Family Home Evening.

April 14th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0535 by atvtnv
IMG_0535, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Just because I don't get smiling pictures of Benjamin very often.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0516 by atvtnv
IMG_0516, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Geotrax are out again! And the kids are working together to get great interactive tracks, with complex workings. Fun to play with and change, too!

April 12th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0514 by atvtnv
IMG_0514, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Emilie and I bought mini loaf pans the other night... and she's been experimenting. Here are her mini pumpkin bread loaves.

April 11th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0472 by atvtnv
IMG_0472, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

One year old and thirteen years old... happy birthday to my oldest and youngest daughters! (poor Liberty gets left out...)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 10th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0451 by atvtnv
IMG_0451, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Liberty playing a Blue's Clues game on the computer. I think she's going to be as photogenic as Emilie... sigh. :)

April 9th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0450 by atvtnv
IMG_0450, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.


I did it all by myself!

(and dressed herself, too!)

April 8th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0442 by atvtnv
IMG_0442, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Steps! Though she'd rather drop to her knees and crawl, she can take a few steps here and there.

April 7th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0420 by atvtnv
IMG_0420, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Daffodils! I love daffodils. They mean spring, they are bright yellow, and they have such a fun shape.

Happy General Conference!

April 6th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0412 by atvtnv
IMG_0412, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana watching the older kids play outside between General Conference sessions. Beautiful day!

She was happy just watching until someone opened the door...

April 5th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0405 by atvtnv
IMG_0405, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

One of the cool things about our trip to Nauvoo. In the blacksmith shop, they actually heat up iron and make something right in front of you... a tiny horseshoe. Then they give it to someone in the group. This time, they asked whose birthday was closest to Joseph Smith's birthday. (December 23rd). Tom spoke up and said, "well, my wife's is December 21st... " So we came home with a tiny, still warm, horseshoe.

April 4th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0407 by atvtnv
IMG_0407, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana is NOT walking. But she randomly stands up... and stays there.

And thinks she's SO BIG. :)

April 3rd Picture-A-Day

IMG_0402 by atvtnv
IMG_0402, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

My Scouts. 'Nuf said.

I'm so proud of them!

What's fun is their baby pictures on the wall behind some of them...

April 2nd Picture-A-Day

IMG_0391 by atvtnv
IMG_0391, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Goodbye, Illinois! We stopped by the Nestle Pumpkin plant on our way out of town (where my mom-in-law works). This lot is FULL of trucks with pumpkins in the fall and late summer!

April 1st Picture-A-Day

IMG_0387 by atvtnv
IMG_0387, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

My inlaws and 9 of their soon to be 17 grandchildren. (Juliana was DONE)

March 31st Picture-A-Day

IMG_0325 by atvtnv
IMG_0325, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Happy Easter! Timothy all ready to go to church, with Chomper the dog.

March 30th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0276 by atvtnv
IMG_0276, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Our family in front of the window in the upper bedroom in Carthage Jail, where Joseph Smith the prophet was killed.

Every time I come here my testimony is a little stronger, of the difference in our lives because of this man.

Our family is 2 daughters larger since the last time we took this picture :)

March 29th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0223 by atvtnv
IMG_0223, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

The Nauvoo temple, lit up at night. We had a wonderful day.

March 28th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0157 by atvtnv
IMG_0157, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

On the road again! On our way to Nauvoo, for 2 days of exploring, and then on to my in-laws for Easter.

March 27th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0144 by atvtnv
IMG_0144, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Happy Birthday to our Christopher!

We love this 5 year old!

(no, his cake isn't pink, it's orange!)

March 26th Picture-A-Day

IMG_0127 by atvtnv
IMG_0127, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Happy 10th birthday to our Nathanael!

He was in a hurry to get here, and now he takes his time! :)

Now a Webelos Scout and in the 4th grade, we're very proud of Nathanael.