Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 26th 366 challenge


This cutie got 2 more teeth... just needs to get ready for our ward Fall Festival!

October 25th 366 challenge


Overheard at the Valencic house...

HI, Jack Sparrow... I'm Superman!  (and I "no-white!")

Snow White has since acquired Shrek ears and Superman turned into Spiderman.... and where did the Skeleton come from?

We love getting out the Halloween boxes.

October 24th 366 challenge


Our pet spider.  S.  The ones on the garage door didn't last long.  It was a super windy day.

And I finally ended up tying the big spider's legs TO the car to get him to stay with that much wind...

October 23rd 366 challenge


Remember back on October 1st when Benjamin and I were on the field for Royals baseball practice?  They took Benjamin's ball he brought and promised to get him some more signatures.

Well, they finally mailed him his baseball with some pretty cool autographs on it...

October 22nd 366 challenge


Liberty showing Juliana her drawing... not sure how interested Jules is, but it was pretty cute seeing her do it.

October 21st 366 challenge


Liberty just being her adorable self.

Almost 3 years old!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20th 366 challenge


Boys ready for a Bi-stake Halloween dance.  This is Benjamin's first stake dance, as he turned 14 just 2 weeks ago.  They did great on their costumes :)

October 19th 366 challenge


Samuel with some of his favorite things... our Life of Fred Elementary series math books.  No, not a complete set yet but getting close!

October 18th 366 challenge


During General Conference, we move the pictures of the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency from the dining room to the family room as they give talks during the conference.  Tom and the kids did this even with me being in Nevada.  Today I just realized I hadn't taken a picture...

October 17th 366 challenge


Zelda on the Wii!  Because how much cooler can you get than old school graphics on an HDTV?  Not much.

October 16th 366 challenge


Is the apple screaming in fear or shouting for joy?

October 15th 366 challenge


I got the dragon!

October 14th 366 challenge


My First Halloween :)  Don't scare me.

October 13th 366 challenge


Not an announcement... just something from Tom's work... and Jules just has a wrapper :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 8th 366 challenge


On our way home back to our family :)  Through Minneapolis instead of Memphis.

October 7th 366 challenge


Aunt NaDean and Uncle Roger took Juliana and I around Las Vegas and we got to see places like where my dad's family grew up, some of the older church buildings, and the cemetery where some of our family is buried.  We also got to walk around the Las Vegas temple grounds.  I haven't been there since the Open House back in 1989.

October 6th 366 challenge


Sunset in Alamo, NV.

October 5th 366 challenge

My 7 handsome brothers.  I am noting a trend in the hair styles.

My sister, my mom, and me.


A long, emotional day in Alamo, Nevada.  (and Overton).  My grandmother passed away on the 30th, and I was blessed to be able to come to the funeral and see my family at this time.  It was the first time in 9 years that all 9 of my parents' children were together.  We were sad because my grandmother was no longer with us, but so happy that she and her sweetheart were reunited at last, and that we got to be together because of it.  Plus Jules got to meet everyone, too.

October 4th 366 challenge


Happy 14th birthday to my Benjamin!  Cake for breakfast before Mom and Jules headed to the airport.  I like how the powdered sugar made patterns across the table...

October 3rd 366 challenge


With Benjamin's birthday falling on the day I flew to Nevada for my grandmother's funeral, we had to improvise a lot this week.  Including making lasagna on a night when Tom wasn't even home!

But here we are, with Benjamin's favorite birthday dinner...

October 2nd 366 challenge


What is this you are giving me?

October 1st 366 challenge


Royals batting practice... ON THE FIELD!  I won tickets to a Royals game and they came with batting practice passes... I didn't know they meant VIP treatment... I took Benjamin because his birthday was this week and I took Jules because she's free :)

September 30th 366 challenge



At least it's not a crossbow this time... right Michael?

September 29th 366 challenge


Just me and my baby girl, up late again... hopefully we can get her to move her schedule earlier... soon :)

September 28th 366 challenge


Sisters... late night because the boys were gone at their Father/Son campout :)  Girls' night in!

September 27th 366 challenge


Nothing says brotherly love like a brother sandwich on the couch.

September 26th 366 challenge


Pack meeting!  Nathanael got his Bear.  And we got a quick review in the Heimlich maneuver... !

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