Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 30th 366 challenge


She does still sleep.  Before 11 pm, even.  So why am I still up?  Because my eldest son decided to leave packing for a canoe/camping trip until 10 pm... (the other was done this afternoon...)

Don't let anyone tell you that having a large family means having carbon copied children... they are each their own person, with individual likes, dislikes, good habits, bad habits, schedules, worries, and joys.

Love, love, love my family.

They were all this little once.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29th 366 challenge


Nathanael is very patiently teaching Jules how to blow raspberries (succeeding, I might add).  Even during Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

July 28th 366 challenge


Benjamin is very patient with the rest of us around here.

What he has to put up with... sigh.  Mom taking pictures, hero worshipping little sibs, mocking sister, and a sarcastic older brother... life is rough.

July 27th 366 challenge


Allow me a mom moment... this is Michael watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies with Jules.  (She LOVES the bright colors!).  In 4 years, I will have a little 4 year old Juliana watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with us.... and no Michael.  Most likely, he will be on a 2 year church mission, somewhere else in the world.  Yikes!  And she will write him (ok, draw him pictures) and know her big brother is doing a great thing!

I'm going to go hide now.

July 26th 366 challenge


This is how Juliana and I roll with the punches late at night when we're keeping each other company.  Russell Stover Chocolates and the 'plug'.  Dark chocolate, French mint, and um, purple.  Because that is Liberty's favorite color and apparently that must matter to Jules, too.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25th 366 challenge


Now what?  Go, baby, go!  She has always been really strong, but she just recently started loving the camera and won't do anything else if she can see it...

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 22nd 366 challenge


Samuel and Juliana.  They were both all ready for church and I had Samuel hold Jules for a little bit.  I guess she was so relaxed and happy she just fell asleep.  What a great brother!  You can tell Juliana is growing... she takes up his whole lap!

July 21st 366 challenge


You probably can't tell, but she's smiling in her sleep here.  Juliana definitely expresses her likes and dislikes.  This 3 month old little princess loves attention, silly faces, and footy pajamas (even when it's 100 degrees outside during the day.)  Here she is in her next size up jammies, fed, warm, and happily sleeping.

July 20th 366 challenge


Michael in the middle of his first day of Youth Conference, a weekend of service, activities, and workshops for youth 14-18.  I think he had a great time!

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 19th 366 challenge


Happy Birthday to my Joseph!  (and my brother Jeff.)

Joseph would have been 11 years old, and we always celebrate it somehow.  This year?  By eating Birthday Party ice cream.  Yum!

To read more about Joseph, please click on the top right of this page on the word "Joseph" and scroll down.  You will find more about who Joseph is, where he is now, pictures of him during his time with us, and anything since then that reminds us of him or helps us remember him.

You can also go to his site on our page, here.  However, I've put most of the pictures, in higher quality, on this blog.  Oh, and when trying to get to his site fast, I just searched his name on Google and found his obituary, too.

July 18th 366 challenge


The boys are back in town!

We now (soon) will have a Life Scout with a bunch of merit badges... and a 1st class Scout, also with a bunch of merit badges.

July 17th 366 challenge


I fink I can fit my whole fif in my mouf.  Almofe!

July 16th 366 challenge


Finally updated the FHE chart (Family Home Evening) and made a place for Juliana.  However, I looked EVERYWHERE and could not find the little animals/bugs/other wood cut out shapes that I used for the rest of the family.  SO, I took a J we already had and painted it to look like a worm!  I think it fits with the theme :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day 2012

It is our 4th annual Cow Appreciation day... where we dress as cows and get free deluxe meals from Chick Fil A.  Good stuff.  It's now become a tradition which the kids look forward to all year long.  Seriously, they are planning for next year already.  For some reason they have a blast dressing as cows...

And here are this year's pictures...

Samuel- I think this is the same black shirt as last year :)

Nathanael- brown cow!

Pink cow Liberty!

Timothy, Mooing at the Moon!  (were cow!)

Now he's just a friendly cow.

Nathanael has a tail!  (and that's Were Cow on the TV...)

Christopher is a brown spotted cow...

Emilie is a green alien cow with purple spots...

Eat Mor Chikin!

There she is again...

Pink baby cow Jules!

This face says, NO NO NO Not the hat!


Where's mine?


And the whole herd, minus our two Boy Scouts.

Moo Moo baby cow.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 14th 366 challenge


I get them home for 36 hours or so!  Off to camp at 4:45 am Monday!  (then they'll be back for good on Wednesday...)

July 13th 366 challenge


More on this in another post... we did it again.  Gave up a little bit of our dignity for free food :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12th 366 challenge



I have to say this was my fault.  I was tossing things off Benjamin's bed (no, Benjamin didn't leave his room a mess, the kids have been playing in there... so I was trying to get it back to its original state...) and one of the items connected with Samuel's forehead.  I didn't realize he was in the path of the object... and he didn't either... bad mom day.  He's kind of proud of his war wound now... boys like goose eggs once they don't hurt anymore!  Speaking from many years of experience with boys...

Who, Me?

Someone is 3 months old as of July 11th...

July 11th 366 challenge


Cotton Candy at Cub Scout Pack Meeting!

(that reminds me... need to set dentist appointments...)

July 10th 366 challenge


Excellent... it's all going according to plan... heh heh heh.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th 366 challenge


Michael and Benjamin off for another 10 day scout camp.  They are very excited, despite the picture...
This year they do get to come home for Sunday.  Here we go again!

July 8th 366 challenge


Liberty, Juliana, and Benjamin liking Ben's watch.  Matching patriotic dresses for Liberty and Jules.  They also wore them the week of Flag Day.

July 7th 366 challenge


Happy, giggly baby girl.

When it's me making her smile, it's hard to get a picture!

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6th 366 challenge


In this picture, Liberty is singing her own made up song to Juliana.  About how she's a girl, and Liberty's a girl, and Mom's a girl, and Emilie too, and don't cry, and it went on and on.  Can you tell what Liberty is learning about? 

Happy 51st anniversary to my parents!  And happy birthday to my first sister in law!  And happy 7th anniversary of us buying our first home... which we sold last year, thank goodness!  What a great day!

July 5th 366 challenge


Liberty showing off her cuteness and her scars (scabs?) from the 4th of July breakfast picnic.  Faceplant.  First she got her her knee all scraped up.  Then she did a full on faceplant, scraping from her upper lip, to under her nose, all the way up to her eye.  I guess we're lucky she doesn't have a black eye...?  yet?

July 4th 366 challenge


4th of July flag ceremony/ward breakfast.  We were there at SEVEN am, folks.  yes.  7 am.  With 11 people, most of them under 10.  We must be crazy.  Oh, yeah, we are.  Here is my flag ceremony leader Benjamin with his baby sister Juliana in her patriotic best.

It was fun.

Though Liberty DID do a faceplant down the stairs... more on that, tomorrow's post.

July 3rd 366 challenge


Pinkies extended!  Another late night with Juliana and Mom.  The owl looks worried.

July 2nd 366 challenge


Biggest brother.  Big, huge, hug.  You can tell Jules feels very secure.

July 1st 366 challenge


Another sisters picture!

Emilie entertaining Jules... and no, Juliana isn't hot, this was near bedtime and she insists on jammies or she's up every hour.  And WE do not WANT that, do WE?

June 30th 366 challenge


Juliana, this is a cowbell.

June 29th 366 challenge


Juliana, 11 1/2 weeks old.  Just a cutie.