Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas pictures

Just a post to share kids at Christmas...

Christmas Eve and Santa Claus...

Christmas Eve PJs...

Christmas morning fun...

Merry Christmas everyone!

We had a wonderful, relaxed Christmas here.

Other than being violently ill the weekend before. Oh, and teaching on my birthday. Oh, and a last minute Christmas activity on Christmas Eve up at the church. We did enjoy going for a drive and seeing Christmas lights when we all felt better. And Santa Claus needs to come earlier in the night so Mom and Dad can get some sleep!

After Christmas, Dad took Friday and Monday off so he had a 5 day weekend. We completely rearranged the kids' rooms so Michael and Benjamin now have their own space separate from their 4 little brothers. Mom and Dad are now in the old boys' room. The 3 younger boys minus Christopher have Mom and Dad's old room, Michael and Benjamin share the laundry room with the laundry (but the rest is all their own space!) and Emilie is back in her room on her own. The whole house feels like it has more space. The GeoTrax now have a home in the little boys room and not in my family room hehe. Timothy is in a toddler bed instead of a bunk bed but we think he's ok with that. Other than almost falling off while asleep last night... hmmm.

It was a ton of work moving 2 sets of bunkbeds and a lot more furniture besides, but we were done by yesterday evening and had a lovely anniversary dinner. 13 years!

Life is good.

Here is a picture of my family last Sunday. New Christmas sweaters on the little boys. Michael's suit he got for his birthday. Benjamin with a new-to-him suit coat. Emilie with a Christmas dress and sweater. Tom with a Christmas tie. And I'm behind the camera. This is at our church building right before Sacrament meeting... I knew there was no way we'd get this after church!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is coming...

Which usually means ornaments coming off the tree, packages waiting to out in the mail... Little People Nativity set spread all over the house (hey, at least the kids know who goes where!), secrets being kept (mostly) and good smells of cookies... wait, I haven't baked any yet. School stuff finishing up (yeah, homeschoolers get vacations too!) Christmas music and movies, Christmas countdowns on the wall...

(we have 4 of them from the Friend going right now... it gets to be a lot but it definitely has helped our family focus!)

Here are the links...

Benjamin and Samuel picked THIS one.

Michael picked THIS one to do with Christopher. Our family has done this one before. You also need this page.

Timothy didn't really care, but we think he's doing this one with Emilie. This is one we put on cardboard and do every year.

Nathanael is doing the one from this year's Friend, with Dad's help. Here is the link if you would like to print it.

Another idea is to look at past December's Friends and look through the table of contents.

I love that the Church magazines are online.

Last night was Family Home Evening. We didn't really do anything Christmas related but played the game from last month's Friend and read scriptures together. Treat was M&Ms :)