Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Disney Side Celebration fun!

Tonight we were finally able to have our Disney Side (show your Disney Side!) Celebration party with Christopher celebrating his birthday.  Between a new baby and illnesses we just were not able to have it before now.

However, I am so glad we waited because we were able to share it with more people!  I've been able to talk about it for 2 months now instead of one and share more HP printer paper for cool projects, share the DVD about Disney vacations, and tonight we just talked about Disney stuff as the kids played with balloons, games, and just got to have fun!

Enjoy the pictures!

Check out your own Disney adventures on

Here's where we are watching Frozen and playing balloon games.


Some of the fun items we got to share, like Mickey Mouse plates and cups and napkins as well as the HP printer sample packs (there were 5x7s and 4x6s for printing.).  Also customizable posters for cheering on teams and runners.



Getting ready for the party and enjoying the decorations.



Mickey Mouse themed treats!  Here's our cake we made in the shape of Mickey Mouse.


Playing Disney "Scene It" game with trivia and media based questions.  It was a good tie in.


Disney Parks themed Bingo!  Those pictures really made these kids excited to go see these things someday.


The Balloons were also a hit.


Some more fun and colorful food!


We celebrated a birthday at the same time!


Overall, a great time was had by all, including those who couldn't come and we just shared party goodies with... even long distance!  We loved sharing our Disney Side!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 21st 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0209 by atvtnv
IMG_0209, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Hello, world! Happy Virginia.

March 20th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0192 by atvtnv
IMG_0192, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Nathanael and Virginia...

March 19th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0187 by atvtnv
IMG_0187, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Martin fell asleep on his log...

March 18th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0171 by atvtnv
IMG_0171, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Emilie's car for the YM/YW pinewood derby. We call it the Abomination... BYU and the U on the same car? Ack!

March 17th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0161 by atvtnv
IMG_0161, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

All my kids wearing green. This is the first picture of all the kids since the hospital, I think. Nice of them all to sit so well for a picture before our green food dinner!

March 16th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0151 by atvtnv
IMG_0151, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana holding Virginia- Ginny is not too sure about this.

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 15th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0141 by atvtnv
IMG_0141, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

50 purple painted toenails... me and my girls. Juliana and Liberty were so thrilled that this was even possible! They'd never thought of such a thing! :) Pink fingernails and purple toenails!

March 14th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0118 by atvtnv
IMG_0118, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

BEAUTIFUL day outside and we got to play! Here is Juliana enjoying some warm spring sunshine, before we got snow Saturday night... !

March 13th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0090 by atvtnv
IMG_0090, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Timothy and a domino creation... awesomeness.

March 12th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0085 by atvtnv
IMG_0085, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana fell asleep on Liberty's bed... with a sock on her arm. :)

Rearranging some things and Lib's bed is in the boys' room.

Love pics of sleeping kiddos.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 11th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0073 by atvtnv
IMG_0073, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Random moment between brothers...

No, I don't know what they were doing.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0038 by atvtnv
IMG_0038, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Timothy is getting so big! Playing with the settings on the new camera.

March 9th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0023 by atvtnv
IMG_0023, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Ginny all ready for her first Sunday at church. We had to leave after the first meeting but it was still good to be there!

March 8th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0022 by atvtnv
IMG_0022, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

All the shoes in a row... fun to see the tiny ones on the end.

Church shoes ready for Sunday. (except the oldest 3 kids)

March 7th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_0005 by atvtnv
IMG_0005, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Juliana... first picture with the new camera.

March 6th 2014- A Daily Valencic

phone pic by atvtnv
phone pic, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

New (bigger) fish tank. Same fish, for now. We'll add more eventually. We had to get a new tank or dump the fish... the tank was leaking along with everything else that broke this week... :) Six minor things going very wrong within 24 hours, but we're all still alive.

March 5th 2014- A Daily Valencic

phone pic by atvtnv
phone pic, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Super alert baby girl. Good morning, world!

March 4th 2014- A Daily Valencic

Phone pic by atvtnv
Phone pic, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Life is good here.

March 3rd 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2930 by atvtnv
IMG_2930, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Last picture our camera ever took... awesome pizza with bacon, peppers, onions, pepperoni, and olives. Yum!

March 2nd 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2922 by atvtnv
IMG_2922, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Lots of snow... in March.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 1st 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2918 by atvtnv
IMG_2918, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Timothy, Christopher, and Liberty reading books together. A happy picture.

February 28th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2906 by atvtnv
IMG_2906, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Um guys?

These are the 'babies' my small DAUGHTERS play with. There is ONE baby in there... but there's Juliana's Buzz Lightyear and her Zombie (she says Zobbie) as well as Emilie's borrowed baby and monkey (Kiki)

February 27th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2904 by atvtnv
IMG_2904, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Samuel with Ginny.

February 26th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2895 by atvtnv
IMG_2895, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Liberty, I don't think that's what those strings are for on your shirt! :)

February 25th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2894 by atvtnv
IMG_2894, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Liberty playing with Ginny on the floor...

February 24th 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2891 by atvtnv
IMG_2891, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Playing with the new HDMI cable and the tablet... Jules is loving the BIG ZOMBIES on the TV instead of on the tablet or the computer.

February 23rd 2014- A Daily Valencic

IMG_2890 by atvtnv
IMG_2890, a photo by atvtnv on Flickr.

Ginny all ready for church... but we didn't go. All dressed up and staying home with Mom! (too many illnesses out and about right now!)